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[14 Aug 2013|07:05pm]

dog_eat_dog_lj is an interactive Livejournal game.

**We are looking for two more players**

You have a 1 in 8 chance of winning a years worth of Livejournal paid time (No Ads for a year plus lots of other benefits).

You have a great chance of having fun and meeting new friends.

Sign up HERE or check out or profile page for more information.

So how does it work?Collapse )
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[29 Jun 2013|08:53pm]

dog_eat_dog_lj is a new interactive game played on Livejournal and we are looking for players.

Come join and be in the chance to win a paid livejournal account for 1 year!

Compete in fun challenges against other players.

Have fun and maybe even make some new friends.

Nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Why not?!
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Building Some Memories [06 Oct 2012|12:16am]

Hi, I'm a 25 year old woman who lives in Northern California, and have just started a new blog.

For some time now, I've tried to get a blog going that was something of a memoir of my life, crazy as it's been.  I've had a couple false starts, most likely due to the fact that I find myself scared to delve too much into my own past -- some of it's pretty heavy.  Addiction, alcoholism, abuse, porn... it's not been an easy few years for me.

I'd like to create this memoir, and have some kind of an audience who'd like to read it, maybe talk about some of the things I've struggled through.  Or even stay silent, I think it's going to help me just knowing someone's reading.

On the other hand, this sounds really depressing.  I promise I'm more fun than I'm sounding here.  With some upswings my life has taken this past year, I'm really feeling like I've overcome a hell of a lot.

Well, I guess that's enough.  If this sounds like something you'd be interested in reading, go ahead and add me.  Just bear in mind I don't plan on holding anything back in my blog, so if you're easily offended, well, you know.
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[23 Sep 2012|12:55am]

I am looking for people who acutely write in their journals on a regular basis . You don't always have to comment but that doesn't hurt either. Well, I am thirty and have been on LJ.com off and on for about seven years now. I love the cinema, reading/writing and music. I mostly stay in doors and like to take day trips with my family. In my journal I mostly talk about movies and going outs. Most other information are under filters. Please make sure to read my profile and FO banner if you really want to be added.
Alright, I'm Pagan . Though I would like to be Wiccan one day. I would like to find a teacher though. I studied music for twenty years. I have various hobbies. Online I like to play around with graphics and online fashion games quite a lot. I am very laid back, sensitive, and talkative. I tend to scare people off because I know what I want in life and relationships. Please take a look at my interests as well.
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add me and read about the plane crash [20 Mar 2012|03:33am]

Оriginal fr ruriktochkase в NATO PLANE CRASH /погiб Hercules C130J

READ MORECollapse )
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de Weird Folks [03 Mar 2012|03:42pm]

[ mood | weird ]

weirdfolks: the weirdest gunk we could find online
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My gift to you: happy holidays [17 Dec 2011|12:57pm]

[ mood | excited ]






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Add Me)) [18 Nov 2011|07:38pm]

Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

Add Me ohrimka89
And this is my group piar_jj
Free counters!
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GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE [03 Nov 2011|11:34am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

turkey_day is one of the few Thanksgiving themed communities that is active on livejournal.
Granted, it's only really active 1 month of the year but it strives to have good stuff going on for that month.

You can post recipes, humor, cartoons, photos, & all sorts of turkey themed stuff to turkey_day.

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lets friend ykristianna! [31 Oct 2011|01:58am]

friend an interesting user, w. lots of interesting posts about
politics, traveling, history, showbiz etc. below an extract fr. the
latest in [info]ykristianna  в air baltic - шведская сказка по-новому

Read more...Collapse )
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more 'adult' type content [21 Oct 2011|07:47pm]

[ mood | horny ]


naked peoples

humping peoples



shiny peoples

nearly naked peoples

Celebrity Communities:
does more adult roles firstAnnaLynnMcCord
there are no stupid questionsChrist·n·Slater
eyes & smile FTWCote·de·Pablo
he's got a special kind of qualityJeffrey·Donovan
this community is illogicalJolene·Blalock
Yay MaggieKari·Wuhrer·LJ
once she was DawnMi·Trachtenberg
Here's JohnnyMrJackNicholson
an X-File never looked so goodMs·Krista·Allen
Blonde AmbitionNo1·PA
my favorite rookie copPaula·Garces
Bahamian Americans unitePersia·White
extreme Japanese boobageRioNatsume
Bret's bevy of babesRockofLoveGirls
Oops she did it againSpearingBritney
tends to play the undeadVincent·Perez

Porn Star Communities: (heavily NWS)
luscious latinaCarmen·Luvana
pale with frecklesCharlotteStokly
gorgeous in glassesEva·Angelina
flexible lil' thingfans·of·Gauge
Miss PhotogenicJesse·Jane·fans
right into puberty & straight into pornKat·with·Braces
great things in small packagesLeanni·Lei
cum in me...it's dirtyNatasha·Nice
beautiful boobageShay·Laren

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1st an important announcement [15 Oct 2011|09:38am]

[ mood | awake ]

Go here:

Click on 'settings'.

Skim down to 'community moderation'.

About a month back, livejournal automatically switched this for most communities to 'must be approved'. If you've been noticing a lack of posts to your communities, this is why.

I just spent 20 minutes going through all of my communities , it had effected over ½ of them, and switching them back to open posting for all members.

And now...










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Anybody out there? [12 Oct 2011|10:55am]

[ mood | devious ]


right after Halloween

presidential election coming


post all violence here

even God has a sense of humor

post what makes you happy




best dogs in the world


before they kill us




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[09 Oct 2011|07:56am]

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come join land of art! [03 Oct 2011|11:07pm]


Love art challenges? Winning points? Being part of a team? Getting pretty banners?
THEN landofart IS FOR YOU!
Always looking for new faces, you'll be welcomed with open arms and are sure to have fun :)

And, if you like, you can mention that littleton_pace is the one that sent you there :)
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Earth's Mightiest Heroes are going to the big screen [30 Sep 2011|11:22am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Communities to watch for The Avengers content

capt_america gamma_reactions
starks_armory ultimate_marvel
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I cried in the back seat of the Impala [17 Sep 2011|04:49pm]


My name is Meghan. I’m looking to make some new friends on here because I seem to have some difficulty with that in real life because I am a pretty shy person. I’m a 24 year old girl from central Pennsylvania who both loves and hates where she is from. I don’t have a job right now because I am still trying to figure out what to do with my life. I am terrified of driving, and thus I do not have a driver’s license. I have four cats and I love them to death. I love anything that has to do with the paranormal. I am strange, weird, and unique and I am not afraid to admit it. I am also bipolar, and I struggle with things, but I take one step at a time. I am very easy to get alone with…usually. I am also a very open person. I am usually willing to talk about anything with anybody. If I sound at all interesting to you, here are some of the things about myself:


Chatting || Exploring things || Listening to music || Making new friends ||Playing with my cats || Ranting || Reading || Taking Pictures || Waiting for aliens to abduct me || Walking || Watching movies || Watching TV


Abandoned buildings || Aliens || Ancient history || Ancient Rome || Anything paranormal || Archaeology || Cats || Ghosts || Llamas || Old cemeteries || Old stuff in general || Photography || Tumblr || UFOs || Yard Sales


30 Seconds to Mars || Adam Lambert || Amanda Palmer || Avril Lavigne || Ayumi Hamasaki || Boyce Avenue || Bread || Coldplay || Darren Criss || Darren Hayes || Delerium || Emilie Autumn || Enigma || Enya || Evanescence || Falling Up || Herbert Grönemeyer || Josh Groban || Katy Perry || Ke$sha || Lady Gaga || Loreena McKennitt || Marion Raven || Martina Sorbara || Ministry of Magic || Mythos || Natasha Bedingfield || Plumb || Rihanna || Paul Schwartz || Poe || Sarah Brightman || Savage Garden || Shakira || Sia || Sleepthief || The Beatles || The Veronicas || Tokio Hotel || Vienna Teng || Within Temptation


9 || Amelie || Atonement || A Very Long Engagement || Donnie Darko || Downfall || Dr. Strangelove (How I learned to love the bomb) || Girl, Interrupted || Ghost World || Goodbye Lenin! || I Love You Phillip Morris || Juno || Kick-Ass || Land of the Lost || Life As We Know It || Lord of the Rings trilogy || Men Who Stare At Goats || Mozart and the Whale || Never Let Me Go || Paranormal Activity || Paranormal Activity 2 || PS: I Love You || Schindler's List || Star Trek 2009 || Superbad || The Edukators || The Lovely Bones || The Notebook || The Social Network || Tristan and Isolde || Wall-e || X-Men: First Class


30Rock || Arrested Development || Criminal Minds || CSI || Doctor Who || Glee || Invader Zim || House || Law and Order: CI || Law and Order: SVU || Paranormal State || Rome || Star Trek || Supernatural || The Big Bang Theory || The Office


Harry Potter Series || Lord of the Rings Trilogy || The Bell Jar || The Da Vinci Code || The Redwall Series || The Simarillion

If I sound at all interesting to you, here are some other ways to reach me:

AIM: Odd Earth Girl
Yahoo: inwe_sindanarie
MSN: meghan723@gmail.com

I write in my journal every single everyday and I’m not afraid to leave comments either. I try to make my posts as interesting as possible and I also write about some very personal things. Add me as a friend and you won’t be disappointed. Hope to hear from some a lot of you guys in the future.
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LJ 0_lechim looking for friends. [13 Sep 2011|07:17pm]

LJ [info]0_lechim looking for mutual friends. Latest in  [info]0_lechim :t. о ?! А !
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The Avengers [25 Aug 2011|12:25pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

With the upcoming movie, I've decided to try to get my related communities active again.

Mostly this one: mighty_avengers

Obviously this one: ultimate_marvel

Bits & pieces to these: capt_america gamma_reactions starks_armory

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It's not real... it's Unreal [09 Aug 2011|10:29pm]

[ mood | determined ]

· Unreal · Return to Na Pali · Unreal Tournament ·
· Unreal Tournament 2003 · Unreal Tournament 2004 ·
· Unreal Championship · Unreal 2: The Awakening ·
· Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict ·
· Unreal Tournament 3 · Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack ·
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