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Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

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Looking for some new friends

My name is Lorena and I'm 26 and I'm not new to LJ, I've been around since 2005 and have this journal since 2007.  I don't lack friends but friends who update/COMMENT, I'm not expecting  people to comment in every singe entry but at least do it once in a while so I know they are there.  I update regularly (once a week) and every now or then I might disappear  for a month or so, but it's mostly during summer/xmas break when I'm out of town.
I'm a newlywed, a full time grad student and part time specials needs teacher, and these three are my main subjects of writing. I try not to complain much and keep my rants short.
I'm not looking for an age gap in particular, or someone who likes a kind of music or watch certain tv shows, I don't think agreeing in that would make a difference when it comes to journaling, I'm just looking fwd to meet some new people and start new friendships around here, at least in the past it has work fine for me and I had meet (in real life) some amazing people.

If anyone is interested on adding me I'll appreciate if you could go to my FOB banner and comment there so I could add you.
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Lorena, 26, Mexican, desperate housewife, psychologist, full time grad student, special ed. teacher.
I post about my day to day life, I've been married for only 2 months so there are a lots of perks to talk about,  as of lately I'm into posting recipes I made.
I'm not new to LJ at all, I had met people I call my friends, but as of lately my flist is getting quiet and I would like to interact more with the people I get to know around here. I'm not looking for an specific age gap or even for common interests, just for people I can relate with and share a tiny bit of my daily life.
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Pretty Loli In Pink

New to Livejournal

01. Your name: Veronika
02. Your age: 18
03. Where you live: France, but from Moscow in Russia.
04. Love life: Single
05. Likes: art, swords, pretty lolita, violins, long walks on old streets, reading, painting in a quiet place, pretty dresses.
06. Dislikes: Rude stares, loud voices, fake Loli's, bigots, contemporary TV
07. Looking for: People with similar interests, or who have an open mind, and cultured opinions.
08. Pictures: I do not post pictures of myself on the internet.

In short, I am 18 years old. I live currently in Paris France where I am studying art, art theory and history. I am from Moscow Russia. I speak English, Russian, and French. I am an orphan, with one older sister - who still lives in Moscow.

I am a Lolita, I dress in sweet and Hime Lolita styles - usually pink, pale pink, light baby blue, white, and cream. Lolita is not just clothing for me, but my life, and I follow Lolita rules very rigidly.

I am not a fragile princess though - I am trained in fencing, and Judo.

When I am not engaged in my studies, I am painting, reading, designing a new outfit, or practicing my other arts (fencing and Judo). I enjoy walking around Paris, and finding small shops that only locals know.

I look forward to becoming friends with people, and hope to update my journal as often as I can.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will consider me for friends.

~ Фероника

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дружим? / add me.

дружим? / add me. последнеe / latest : Иду по городу, собираюсь интервью в мосульманском раёне зделать. Девушки смотрят - приииятно ;) Причём даже те кто с детьми, тоже смотрят. Ну, что поделать если я сегодня не отразим? :) Я им естественно улыбаюсь в ответ. Прохожу мимо кафе. МУЖИКИ смотрят. причём довольно пристально. Старик какой-то мимо проходит, и полу уважительно, полу одобрительно кивает. Ну, наверное доволен, что я его пропустил в узком месте тротуара. Угу, ещё и вежливый :) И это замечают. ЗДОРОВО! :) Прохожу мимо киоска у автобусной остановки. Там уже чёрнокожий джентельмен, эдак метров двух, не просто смотрит, а ПЯЛИТСЯ!! Тут уже как то  так не по себе  немного.  *камера в рюкзаке, раён стрёмный, если "обувать" начнут, я конечно просто так ничего не отдам, но фиг за меня кто "впишется". Осматриваюсь... 3аскакиваю в киоск. Весь киоск оклеян газетными афишами с приметами одного из терористов/а.

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