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Winter Tour

Just wondering if anyone else was at any of the recent shows. I ended up at five of them and they blew me away every night, regardless of how shit the crowd was.

My camera died right off the bat, so if anyone has any pictures I'd love to see them.

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Anyone else notice the two week-ish shut down of the a2 site and the sudden loss of it all?

Oh and did anyone go to this most recent string of shows?

And what do you guys think about the Halloween/Valentine's day contests?
Stay frosty.

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I took a few photos at the Knitting Factory show. It wasn't easy doing it from that crazy crowd but I think I got some decent shots. There's also stuff from Armor For Sleep, Avenged Sevenfold, Brand New, Hidden in Plain View, Mae, Men Women & Children, Panic at the Disco, The Academy Is, The Bouncing Souls and The Matches...

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Alex Greenwald

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Lately I've noticed that there aren't many pictures of AA that are easily found, so I've decided to start compiling them in to either a photobucket or a website [this is where you come in]...

If you want your personal pics or pics you have found online to be a part of this, leave a comment with the picture(s) and I will let you guys know when I'm done!

By the way: I've already scoured the internet for pics but if you think you have a rare one feel free to leave it here!
chris corner

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So...Action Action never come to England. Ever.


Does anyone know if when they play live the do any other songs apart from whats on the two albums? Covers and such.

OR! If anybody would be so so kind as to upload any live stuff they may have, I'd love you forever and bake a cake for you.

Thanks in advance x