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Forza Milan
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1st-Jun-2007 12:46 am - Goals this season
So www.planetmilan.com has every goal milan have scored this and last season on video to download. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else you could get whole game highlights or atleast the goals scored against us.


20th-May-2007 02:58 pm(no subject)
[FB] snowy pirlo
This week's Champions League Weekly was all about Milan's Road to Athens.
It's really a nice video, with some players being interviewed, about their feelings about 2005 and now.

19th-May-2007 01:45 pm - videos
Dark Angel

1) Milan Ferrari car unvieled in front of the players ^_^ looks at their faces :P hehe

Gattuso talking about the car ^^ 

Seedorf talking about the car ^_^ in english 

2) extended version of (Do you ringo) making of -- soo cute!! ^_^ with Kaka and the kid 


3) Interview with Kaka + Oddo + Anceloti in their cars ^_^

Watch here

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