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AC Milan Community
Forza Milan
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18th-Feb-2011 10:17 pm - Nesta
Love Andea
30th-Apr-2010 10:15 pm - Oh hullo
Now now charlie brown
 So Leo is out eh?

And Juve's new president is 34...

And Inter are still a bunch of shite faces.

17th-Apr-2010 10:32 pm(no subject)
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18th-Feb-2010 03:48 pm - There is a devil in all of us
paolo celebrating
It has been a while since I’ve made any post about Milan and football, either here or on my own LJ but I think now is a good time.

I’ve followed Milan for over 15 years now. In that time I’ve seen some of the most beautiful football played by some of the best players in the world. 

I remember watching Milan destroy Barcelona in the Champions League final of 1994. 

I remember dancing around my loungeroom for during the GLORIOUS 6-0 derby win, the first under Ceasar Maldini.

I remember weeping on my knees with tears of joy 3 inches from the television when Milan progressed to the infamous champions league final after ambrosini scored that header to clinch an away goal which made the difference after a dominant performance from PSV.

I remember watching Milan play Reggina and Paolo netting that double and the look of joy on his face.

I remember Kaka’s amazing goal against Fenerbache from a run from the the halfway line.

I remember Paolo's last game :(

These are but a few drops in the pool of memories I have with Milan. This team has given me so much. So, as we’ve entered a transitional stage for Milan which I think will last for a few seasons yet and in a period where we have tough challenges ahead I want to profess my love for this amazing team.

For those of us who bleed red and black... Forza Milan!!!!!!!!!!
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