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Abercrombie Kids L.O.V.E

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Welcome to the community for Abecrombie Kids. This is the Place for those of us who love Abercrombie kids. Of course you dont have to be a kid to join. So everyone old or young join aberkids____  and tell your friends! This journal is maintained by caligurl0761  And our Co-mod is ___x3___brunett  if you have any questions please dont hesistate to contact us <3

-When posting images, please use lj-cut.
-DON'T POST community promotions, or i will delete the entry.
-Keep every post related to the 1 store this community is about(abercrombie kids).
-Make entries FRIENDS ONLY!
-If you dont like someone deal with it!

If you don't follow with one of these rules,your post will most likely be deleted and if you repeatedly break rules, I will ban you. These rules are simple & easy to follow so there should be no problems. Have fun!

BANNER CREDIT TO: _hollist3r_lov3 

Love Hollister? Then join hollisterlife 

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