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7 Deadly Sins...

that's where the fun begins - which one is yours?

7 Deadly Sins
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Welcome! This is a fic challenge community like fanfic100, only with a much smaller challenge: the Seven Deadly Sins.

This community is multi-fandom, slash and rps friendly, although the occasional het and femslash will not be banished from this site. We accept all ratings and genres, from G to NC-17, from romance to dark fiction. You can either write alone or in teams of two or three people. Please look up our claims list ** HERE ** to see which pairings are already taken. It does not mean, however, that they are off limits to you, as we do allow multiple claims.

To join the challenge, there are only a few things you have to do:

1) Join the community. Membership is moderated, which means we have to approve every new member, don't panic this is simply to help keep track of new claims.

DO NOT KEEP PESTERING! Be patient, clicking to join three times a day will only tick off your Mod. Applying once is all you need do.

2) Decide on a pairing. See the list of already claimed pairings ** HERE **.
Please do not apply for more than two pairings at once. Once you have completed the challenge for one of them, feel free to apply for a new one.

3) Post a comment about your desired pairing(s) ** HERE **. Please provided all requested details on your claim including your Fandom/Pairing and link to your challenge table.

Do Not Link Back To A Locked Journal. Fics must be made and remain public for everyone to read and enjoy other wise what is the point of joining the community?
If a link has NOT been provided one week after your claim has been added to the BDT, it will be DELETED and you will need to request your claim again.

4) Post the challenge table in your own LJ and write your 7 Sinful Fics and don't forget to post your fics to the community as well. Please refer to the following header format when posting your writings and remember to include warnings, if needed:

You can use previously written stories if you think they fit into this challenge. We do not care about the format of the story as long as it sticks to your chosen fandom and pairing, drabbles will go, as well as longer fics and poetries. Just keep in mind that the minimum word count is one hundred. You may use the prompts in whatever order you want, feel free to post Pride before Greed, if you want to.

The Prompts Table
1. Greed. 2. Gluttony. 3. Wrath.
4. Sloth. 5. Envy. 6. Lust.
    7. Pride.    

Copy and paste the code below:

There is no time limit to write your 7 Deadly Sins Fics.

Although once in awhile the Big Damn Table will be purged of claims not posted to or updated. You will be given the chance to to keep your claim before this is done.

Deleted journals will be automatically removed from the Claims list.

There is no given order and no word count maximum for your 7 Deadly Sins fics. Just go ahead and start writing.

If there still is a question you feel is not answered by this info, you might want to check the ** FAQ **.

5) Once you are done with all 7 fics, make a post about it ** HERE ** and you shall receive a shiny new banner for your website or LJ to show the world that you successfully participated in the 7 Deadly Sins Fic Challenge.

6) Need to make a change or drop your claim? Do it ** HERE **.

Want to see the list of all completed 7 Deadly Sins Challenges? ** HERE THEY ARE. **

Happy sinning!


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