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hi im new here and i have a bunch of icons for you all :)

47 Frank Iero Icons

2 Frerard Icons

To the icons

♥Comments Appreciated
♥Credit Required x_labrat or rock_me_icons
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About Me

NAME/AGE: Sarah , 14 (15 in Aug.)
FAV SONG BY MCR: Headfirst For Halos
FAV MEMBER: I respect and love them all. Mikey has helped through a lot , but all of them have done an equal amount to my life.
YOU HATE: My Chemical Romance Bashers , Homophobia.
OTHER BANDS: The Used , Avenged Sevenfold are some of my tops (other than My Chemical Romance).
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: Searching 'My Chemical Romance Icons' so I can post some that I have made.
RANDOM STUFF: I love slim jims , Bert McCracken , ChapStick , Photography , Headphones.

Blah sorry Im so boreing.