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2gorgeous___'s Journal

For the really really ridiculously good-looking
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to my community! It's a rating community, so don't be offended if we don't like you. Be a dear and join.

rules for applicants

1 Once you join, your application must be submitted within 48 hours. (2 days)
2 Applications should always be behind lj cut. (We've even provided one, so if you don't have an lj cut, expect auto-rejection.)
3 In your application, replace the default lj-cut with "I have many leather bound books"
4 Make your application friends only
5 Do not under ANY circumstances, model your application after this one.
6 The mods rule you. Seriously. We are god.

rules for members

1 The mods rule you.
2 dOn'T tAlK lYeK dIs, it's completely annoying.
3 On applications dont reject someone for differences in music taste.
4 If you are posting pictures, put them behind an lj cut.
5 If you are going to be unactive for any amount of time, tell us.
6 Promote if you'd like, but you MUST promote anywhere else double the amount of times you've promoted here. NO acceptions.
7 You've gotta promote this community like nobody's business!
8 Make all entries friends only!!

your god mod.


your co-mods

Currently recruting new co-mods

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

When filling out your application, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE RICH TEXT!! We hate it and it sucks. That way, you app will stay bolded.
If you don't get it ask her=r_u_bald
Member App

App for co-mods

Attaining Points

1 Picture Posts = 5 points/picture
2 Applying and Being Accepted = 10 points
3 Recruiting a Member = 10 points/member
4 Making a Banner = 20 points/banner
5 Promoting = 20 points/promotion
6 Winning a Theme = 25 points
7 Participating in a Theme = 10 points
8 Live Hunt = 6 points per. picture, plus 10 for completing the Live Hunt.

Ways to use points

50 points = Picking next theme; Personalized icon
100 points = Auto accept/reject an applicant; Challenge a member; Deduct 100 points from another member
200 points = Auto accept a friend, no application necessary, Personalized layout.

Points are non-refundable. Once you use 'em, they're gone.

Current Theme: Your Favourite CD
What's your eargasm? Post a few pictures of you posing with your absolute favourite CD of like, all time.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Take pictures of the following, then post them! If you are unable to take pictures of everything listed, then just do your best, and you'll still get 6 pts for every picture.
1 The inside of your fridge.
2 You doing a jumping-jack.
3 The cover of your yearbook.
4 Your toothbrush.
5 One of your pets, if you have pets.
6 All of your shoes.
7 In a costume, or mask.
8 You, raising an eyebrow.
9 You pretending to write.
10 On paper: the words "I participated in Live Hunt @ ___2gorgeous!! signed, your name here."

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♥Accepted Members♥

Accepted Members and Pictures


Promotion Banners

♥Point Status♥

Points & Spending

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