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For the really really ridiculously good-looking's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
For the really really ridiculously good-looking

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stamped//Ashley Angel Concert//Pictures [02 Jul 2006|01:27am]

oooh wow. This weekend takes the cake in awesomeness

Today was Red White and Boom, and for one more day I got to travel back to a teenybopper mind set. I'm a badass teenybopper too guys! For Ashley Angel, my sister and I half snuck in/half rushed the stage, and we ended up 3rd row! It was hot! Better seats than I had when I rushed for O-Town!! Super amazing. He sounded great! The little girl in front of us made fun of me a lot, but Heather told her I had been a fan since I was her age practically. He was amazzzzzing. I can't lie. I was basically in heaven.

I come home to find two tickets to the Indy Race tomorrow

HOW AMAZING?!? I knowwwwwww

This is great

Life is so wonderful!!! I'll put up more tomorrow but I have to be up early to help out Tristan

<33333Collapse )

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