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All Members , Moderated
This is a great community for people who would like to know fellow LJers opinions on them. This community does not "reject" or "accept" members, we simply rate members out of 10.

01. Don't whine, bitch, or be rude if you recieve a low rating.
02. Post app within 24 hours of joining.
03. No fake apps, obviously.
04. Put "1210" in the subject line when applying so we know you read the rules.
05. The lj-cut is your friend. Use it.
06. Don't comment after every vote, please. It makes it harder when calculating your average rating.
07. Your average rating will be given between 3-5 days.
08. Your overall score will be rounded up if even.
09. Anyone who receives 8, 9, or 10 overall will have their entry saved in the memories section, under "high scores."
10. Once you receive your overall score image, please put it in your userinfo.
11. You may vote even before receiving your overall rating (for more info how to vote scroll down).
12. Promote (for banner and code scroll down).
13. After you've been stamped with a rating, your subject line on all new posts should say "I'm a #" (replace # with your rating).
14. If you really feel the need to post before your average score is posted please put "Rating pending" as your subject line.
15. If you have any remaining questions contact the mod via LJ.


Existing Members
Fill this out when voting, give a one for what you like, and a 0 for what you do know.

In the subject line, put the total number of points you scored them.

PROMOTE THIS COMMUNITY, and feel free to promote other communities here (please keep it to one a week).

Remember that the mod reserves the right to kick your ass out if you're an asshole, but doesn't often do so.

Promo Banners

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