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hey guys im emily.
im new here so i thought that iw ould introduce myslef. haha im really into heatherette, paris, england, cocaine haha and just mainly having a good time. im 17 and i live in texas so nothing much goes on down here but im going to school to run a salon in a bigger much much better city. <3

Lene Lovich - Shawows and Dust

Lene Lovich - Shawows and Dust

Did you know that Lene Lovich has a new album out?

Not advertised as much as such a talent deserves, and almost a secret I was able to get this CD at a resent rare show in NYC. The live show was Lene and Les Chappell who achieved a surprisingly full band sound together. The CD is also collaboration between Lene and Les with occasional bass and synths by Mike Thorne, who also helped with production. The CD madcaps through ten quirky songs, theatrical enough to be a score to a play. Wold I like to see Lene and Les do a play together? Surely they already have, if not its a bit of a travesty. Lene is in her old form, you can almost swear your listening to a CD from 20 years ago except for 2 songs. The best songs on this CD “ The insect eater” and “ The Wicked Witch”. These are the songs that take stubborn residence in your scull. I find myself humming the Wicked Witch days after I listen to this CD. Both songs are also the fastest ones on the CD and the most likely to be spun at a club. Also interestingly these are the only 2 songs on CD that Lene and Les collaborate with other people to write. Did they get inspired by other people or after working together for over 2 decades a new blood is necessary to shake the pair up? In ether case those two sons are the definite singles on this album. The album as a whole is a treat for Lene Lovich fas and will appeal to fas f Tiger Lillies, Claus Nomi, Nina Hagen and even Devo. If you like your music slightly to the left of sane , if you delight in little stories about witches insects and shape-shifters then you are in for a treat.

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