strange tears - 19th century art & poetry

strange_tears is a community for discussions of 19th century art and literature movements like Romanticism, the Gothic, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Symbolists, Art Nouveau and the Decadents. In fact most 19th century art with the exception of the Impressionists. We’ll also be discussing poetry and prose, again concentrating on the Romantics, the Gothics, the Pre-Raphaelites, Aestheticism, the Decadence and the Symbolists.

We’ll also be discussing certain trends and tendencies in 19th century society. Areas like spiritualism, Egyptology, Rosicrucianism, magick and its influence on art and literature, the Celtic Twilight, Victorian attitudes towards homosexuality, women in Victorian society, the way women were depicted in the art and literature of the time, the dandy, the Salon de la Rose+Croix, attitudes towards sexuality, etc. And of course Oscar Wilde! If you like the paintings of Rossetti, Burne-Jones, Holman Hunt, Delville, Moreau, Redon, Schwabe, von Stuck, Böcklin, Khnopff, Levy-Dhurmer and Klimt, or the poetry of Dowson, Symons, Swinburne, Baudelaire, Verlaine or Mallarme, then this community could be just what you’re looking for.


cult movies community

cult_movie is a community for those who love cult movies – anything from 1940s B-movies to David Lynch, from 1950s schlock sci-fi to Russ Meyer, from Jess Franco’s horror films to Andy Warhol’s underground movies, from German horror movies of the 1920s to contemporary indie films, from 1970s lesbian vampire flicks to Ed Wood, from movies by independent film-makers like Derek Jarman to Harold and Maude, from 50s camp classics like The Bad Seed to 80s camp classics like The Lair of the White Worm, from 50s juvenile delinquent movies to 60s and 70s Eurotrash, from arthouse classics to drive-in classics. In fact we discuss pretty much anything that can be considered a cult movie. The only things we don’t discuss are slasher movies, modern horror gorefests and similar stuff. If you love off-beat movies check us out.


Icon Community

lunastar_icons is a recently new community with free icons, fun contests, and more!  Come and support the community!  We even have a promo contest going on RIGHT NOW, so check it out!  Thanks!

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