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Hey, I'm writing a lot of poems these times and I usually post them to my LJ (there are only two for the moment). I'm not english or american so my english might be bad with a lot of mistakes but I did the best as I could do. Here is one of them. I hope you will like it. This one doesn't have many rhyme compare to others I wrote with lot of rhyme.. Anyway, it's called Rest In Peace

She is sitting on the pavement

There's no else around

She is alone in this dark street

Letting her tears falling down from her cheek


She takes a blade

Juste like the one that went through her heart

She can't dry her eyes

Letting her blood falling down on the ground


As her crying doesn't stop

Her bleeding doesn't stop

She wants to forget that emotional pain

That is getting away as her blood is getting away from her veins


She can't express herself

She writes her feelings on a piece of paper she found

Looking again at the ground

She finds out a pack of cigarettes


She smokes them all

Drinking all the vodka she had

As she cried,

As she bled


Now she's lying on the road

Waiting for a car

That will run over her pale and thin body

To get the peace within herself


And finally, rest in peace.



Broken Angel Lullaby

She saw death with a welcomed hand
she tried to move but her wrists screamed in pain
he moved closer and closer
coming face to face with her
then he caged and bruised her
he broke her in half
but then he looked at me and saw me crying
death looked towards the angels for guidance
but they were nowhere to be found
he tossed me away and tore off her wings
broken angels singing a hurtful melody
he reached up and took her down
he buried her deep
then he looked at me
holes as for eyes boring into me
I never saw her flying again.
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put my enemies to sleep
dream me something right
and call me love
your words are like knives
they peel at my skin
the peel at my soul
they stab me in the heart and cause me thoughts I had sent to hell
our wrists are stained with memories of
love and hate and betrayal
anger turns to pain turns to truth turns to numb
suffocation breaking all air waves
playing the giggly girl everyone knows
playing my lie
my eyes burn
from all these tears
I'm drowning in your words
dead in meaning and lies
hurt me
break me
just bury me in your ground
I don't blame you for being you
but you can't blame me for hating it
lying on the devil's pitchfork
eating god's candy
pull the trigger
lit this gun
turn my heart to ice
and I'll serve you all mine on a platter
dreams and hits and bruises
love and laughter
with lies guaranteed
oh please
just wait until the cello plays
filling the cracks in the mirror
and the cracks in our skin
our lips are holding secrets
our lips are holding sins
tell me things to warm my broken heart
heal my scars and clean my wounds
I'll be what you are for me for you
I'll be whatever you need.
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ii wrOte diis bcoz ii just needed 2 vent mii anger... please cOmment On mii LJ...

ii feel da blOod driipin dOwn mii armz...
da paiin makes me feel aliive...
as ii thiink Of u ii realiise...
dat death iis the Only way...
da Only way tO be wiit u 4eva...
sO alOne...
but nOt 4 lOng...
ii driive the niife iintO u...
and iintO me...
and 2geda we lii...
in blOod...
and iin death...

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this is mi first EvEr poEm. plEasE commEnt.

tHat i dont know
slEEping in thEir bEds
lEtting tHEm cum insidE mE

trying to fEEl somEtHing.
anytHing at all.
savE mE.
savE mE from what i am bEcomEing.

black sEas wash ovEr mE
dragging mE into thEir dEptHs.
tHE tidE is just too strong for mE to resist
dont know How mucH longer I can hold back.
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Just Dust by enigmacyofme (me)

Just Dust by enigmacyofme (me)

Keep your ecltic apologies with you,
Cause one plus one equals two,
And two charlatans don't even sum up to you.

A sea of black pours over us,
As your promises turn to dust.
A mystery in the mist,
Protrudes from amidst darkened ships.

Where the captain, lets out a shrivelling yell,
And the men fall overboard, into a new realm.
Fall faster then Synster Gates on a guitar.
This is your ultimate solo, play, or land far.

The curtains have long closed,
Your act fades like fog.
No one remembers your name,
Lucky to be alive in Prague.

Don't forget to live,
Don't forget your line.
This is your mark,
Ready, set, go.
You will make it this time.
You will make it this time...
Or fall behind you must,
Forever engraved in my memory
But to others just dust.
Just dust.
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My Mind is a Litterbox by Me (enigmacyofme)

My mind is a litterbox,
Spits out images I can not block.
A tapestry of unwanted feelings,
A slight touch and I'm sent reeling.

And I tell myself these lies,
Brainwash my own mind.
But I won't believe it this time.
The only victim to this crime is,

The theft of my soul was not by the devil,
Oh God, no.
Regret, and writings in past tense,
Shadows of the foregone are still imense.

And I tell myself I am pretty,
A gorgeous statue in the park,
Displayed for all to see,
Admire me.

Can not even be honest to myself,
My anima placed on a shelf.
And it rusts.
And it rests.
Till' one day it is undressed,
The layers of dust blown mid west.

Awaken me.
But don't hurt me.
Not sure if I want to realize myself...
Let me live this dream a little longer.
Just two more winks of sleep and I'll get help.
Just two.
Just two.
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Pass the heroin. by Me (enigmacyofme)

Closed doors and dirty streets
Thrust out and the drum still beats.
A piece of gum lost and found,
Chewed on and spit out.

This world is not for me,
Dont give me another bad memory.
I want to forget, get to the next,
Page, but they're all burnt out.
End the drought,
End this drought.

Pass the heroin,
I need to give in,
Needle thrust in my skin.

Standing there,
December night sky,
Feeling oh so high.
This moment is rare,
I love it when we fly.

Disorientation and Hypoventilation,
A man without a foundation.
Support me, carry me home,
Don't want to roam the streets alone.

The downfall is massive,
Passivley resitant to this hurt.
Wipe off the dirt,
The glass is stained.
Clear sheet detained.
Power drained.

No way out,
No highway to heaven
So pass the heroin.
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Unpleasantly Intertwined by me (enigmacyofme)

Locked between these four walls,
I can't even be honest with myself,
And you wore that crimson shawl,
Left it on my shelf.

Now every day I am reminded of you
The days don't start anew,
Just a repitition of the past,
These thoughts are unsurpassed.

Your aroma still lingers in the air,
Distributes even and fair.
You've stained this room
With the smell of cheap parfume.

Clasping to your memory,
Telling myself I don't desire thee,
But in reality,
Without you,
I only feel anxiety.

It's too late,
Too late to let go,
Footsteps in the snow,
You've left an impression.
And I can't let you know.

In the corner of my eye,
Noticing the perscriptions,
Cut the water supply,
Before I make suffocation a mission.

What disease is next,
Doctor, give me the diagnosis,
I don't want to be sick,
Stick the needle in quick.

Creations and thoughts in my mind,
With all contrivances failed I still lay confided.
The meaning of mental mutilation becomes redifined.
Our lives are unchangably intertwined.
Lets leave it all behind.
Leave it all behind.
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My final valediction by Me (enigmacyofme)

Gallant strides of elegance and pride,
Incursions on my final valediction.
Welcome to the final ride,
Effulgence and Eradication.
I'm your Jekyll and Hyde.

Fly through a galaxy,
Your dreams, they won't be stopped by me.
Surrounded by malfeasance,
Grasping to your essence.
Bleeding for freedom,
To be nurtured in a far away kingdom.

And if the plane crashes lets run,
Our actions can not be undone.
Uncaring as to where we fall,
I love you, and that is above all.
Above all, a statement, or fact,
Emotions intact.

Leave the burning bridges behind,
Scarred faces,
And empty lives.
The roulette ball swings this way,
It marks the end of the play,
Now begins the action.
I'll provide the distraction.

Skies burn bright,
Explosions of might.
And the stars fade away,
The moon, this its last day,
All fades to decay.
...All fades to decay.

Except for us
And our once luminescent hopes,
Now just dreams.
We remain.
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