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Fugitives: A Heroes Game

Game Started January 30th, 2009. Still Looking For ANDO, MOHINDER, MEREDITH, Primatech Agents, Molly, Micah, and Many More!!

After the events of March 29th, 2007 our Heroes are disheartened, spread across the U.S., and quickly losing their numbers. And to make matters worse, one of their own was working up a plan that would sacrifice his peers to better himself. As if that weren't enough, someone is out there with malicious intent toward people who are "special". Someone is hunting and rounding up anyone with abilities. No one knows who the hunter is or where the hunter comes from. And no one knows where their peers are going. Will opposing sides find allies in each other to end this menace, or will they do as they always have and serve only themselves and their own purposes? Only time will tell... and time is something they're running out of.
HeroesFugitives will run parallel to Volume 4 of the series starting from March 30th, 2007 (after episode 3.13 Dual) and run in real time. We will be mostly AU from there, but will incorporate some of the events that take place in the rest of season 3 with our game.
heroesfugitives fugitives_mod fugitives_ooc
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