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Hogwarts Elite, a sorting community

hogwarts_elite is an awesome Harry Potter sorting community. Every member, once sorted into a house, can participate in weekly sortings and contests, such as quidditch, trivia, graphic, fanart, and essay just to name a few in the race for the House Cup. If you enjoy Harry Potter and are looking for an exciting, interactive community to join, then hogwarts_elite is just the one for you. Come meet awesome, cracktastic people, stay up late for impromptu AIM chats and movie nights, and participate in hilarious discussions about the Harry Potter universe and whatever else we can think of.

Just fill out the application and apply at sorting_elite now. Term 20 has already begun, so don't miss out on all the fun! :D


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This community is dedicated to all those stories still to be made or have all ready been made, that are base on none other but, intoxication. It could be intoxication about anything. Did you say Draco took a love potion and shag Harry? Or, What about the other day when Severus was drunk? I'm hopping that you'll let the bunnies that you been having about an intoxicated character of Harry Potter come out and play or stumble more like it in here.

Do you want to help and spread the word, be my guest and use the template on the bottom.

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Hogwarts Elite is a school of witchcraft and wizardry reserved for only the finest students in the wizarding world. In order to become a member at such a prestigious institution, one must first prove his or her prowess in wizarding knowledge. Aspiring members must submit a sorting application at sorting_elite, which will not only determine what house they are best suited for, but whether they are worthy of this community at all.

Hogwarts Elite is not your average sorting community. We offer a wide variety of activities, games, and contests for the students after they’ve been sorted. Most of these opportunities also feature a point reward for your house when you participate. The house with the most points will be awarded the house cup at the end of term. So, GET ACTIVE! We also spotlight many different discussions in our main community dealing with many different topics.