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500 days of summer icons!

[1-21] Natalie Portman
[22-39] 500 Days of Summer
[40-59] Jennifer's Body
[60-63] Titanic
[64-65] Alias
[66-130] Dollhouse
[131-133] Dr. Who (cast)
[134-158] Lost

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Zooey 1

New York News

It appears that Zooey and Ben are in New York this week. On Sunday, they went to a screening of the movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

Earlier the same day, Zooey and JGL were at a screening of "(500) Days of Summer," apparently to build Oscar buzz.

Next, they will be at the mtvU Woodie awards this week. Ben will be performing and Zooey will be presenting. The awards will be Wednesday, but won't be aired until December 4. I would expect red carpet pictures online Wednesday, though.

And finally, this is just speculation on my part, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be hosting Saturday Night Live this week, so maybe Zooey will pop in for something?