Tags: ! about the tag system



You guys, we have a tag system now.


I've gone back and tagged entries from the beginning of time aka the beginning of this community. In the ~future~ you can add relevant tags as you make new entries. Alternatively you can disregard the tags altogether and i'll just add them later, it's no big deal.

The system is pretty self explanatory -
- Any entries specific to a particular filming project are tagged under the relevant acting projects: tag.
- The images: misc pictures tag is for any pictures that aren't screencaps. There is some overlap here with the articles tags.
- Articles are split into web sourced and magazine scans.
- Icons are tagged as fan creations: icons under 'fan creations' you'll also find layouts and mood themes. When i tagged the icon entries i checked to make sure they were all linked to icon posts that are unlocked and still available.
- Music is split between music: misc and music: she & him. The miscellaneous stuff includes rips from movies & soundtrack uploads, stuff regarding If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies, Coconut Records and also Zooey's work with M. Ward before they officially became known as She & Him. For both tags i tried to make sure any download links were still active before i tagged the entry.

The formatting of the tags pages is a bit funny, i hope we can fix that up some point.

- Lizzie