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All the Real Girls

I watched the movie All the Real Girls last night starring the lovely Zooey Deschanel, and decided to made a little picspam. It's one of those movies that just sticks with you after you watch it. It's a story about love. It's true to love, it's true to life, it's true to's just a real story, and it means a lot to me because of that.



Noel: Why haven't you ever kissed me?
Paul: I'm scared. Scared that when- if- when Tip asks me if I ever kissed you I'll have to say yep.

Noel: I had a dream that you grew a garden on a trampoline, and I was so happy that I invented peanut butter

"Hey, I wanna dance. But I don't want you to watch."

Screencaps really can't do this scene justice.

Paul: Get a girl to do it. I'm not doin' it.
Elvira: But you have such a funny face!
Paul: Excuse me?? Don't touch me with that clown costume.

Noel: Did you...wanna get beat up by a pillow?

Noel: I still have my pillow...
Paul: I realize this...

Paul: I just want to make sure that a million years from now I can still see you up close and we'll still have amazing things to say....I'm gonna go now.

Paul: You know how ducks fly home in a V? Like a V-shape? And they go home? I was walking my dog and there's a big V above me and right when they flew above me, I saw them crash into a big house. The whole V. And then they hit the ground and they just kind curled up. You ever fucking see that? You ever see a mistake in nature? You ever see an animal make a mistake?

Paul: See that's where you don't know everything about me. I mean, you know a lot...and that's yours, you can keep it. I'm just a guy who thought he was finally on the right track makin' the right moves.

I don't want to give up too much of the plot, but I just wanted to highly recommend this movie. It's a beautiful piece of film full of poignancy and truth. I've been a fan of Zooey Deschanel for a while now, but Paul Schneider is the one that really made the movie what it is. He has a naturalness about him that makes his humor and charm very appealing.
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