March 26th, 2010

She & Him at El Rey in LA 3/25/10

I went to my first She & Him concert last night and it was AMAAAAAZING!! They gave such a wonderful performance. Zooey was completely full of energy and all smiles the entire night. She did talk to us quite a bit between songs, and the audience was great - singing along to a lot of the songs, which you could tell just made her ecstatic. The place was PACKED! After her first song she said, "It's crowded in here!" and then asked the audience "I hope it's not too hot. No? Raise your hand if you're hot." and just about every hand goes up (it was HOT) and then someone yells, "You're too hot!" and she got all embarrassed and said, "no, that's not... I didn't mean to..." lol. Seriously adorable. Everyone sang along during "In the Sun" (It's alright, It's ok) and both she and Matt seemed to really get a kick out of that. The energy was fantastic in that room! Best concert I've ever been to! Anyway, here's a video of their very last performance - the flower in her hair was starting to fall out so she eventually managed to get it out of her hair and throw it into the audience. :) Wonderful night! I'm seeing them again in Pomona and caaaaaaan't waaaaaait!!!!