March 15th, 2010

In the Sun Video [HD] (Youtube, MP4 & WMV formats)

Hey everyone! So I noticed it was posted a while back the video for In The Sun on vimeo, youtube, etc.

However, it seems the ones that I keep running into our the lower quality end for youtube (320, or 480). What I ended up doing was plugging in the mp4 (that I originally ripped from vimeo) into my video editing software and tweaked the parameters for the "project" and the rendering parameters also and was able to get what Youtube considers 720HD.

So, I'm sharing that with you guys.


As small of an MP4 that I could get (It's about 14MB... considering you want to fit as much She & Him material as you can on your iPod or iPhone, size really does matter =D ): ->>Download Here<<-

And just a regular WMV (if anyone wants it in avi - just heavier, same quality, let me know. I can re-render it): ->>Download Here<<-

Enjoy! :)