February 10th, 2010


She & Him BBC 6 Live Session MP3s

Hey Everyone! :)

So we've all seen the links to the BBC 6 Music Programmes' website for She & Him's Live Session with Lauren.

-->>Click here<<-- if you want to hear the interview as well as the live performances of two songs off their upcoming album.

You can download the live songs here:

BBC 6 Live Session
Thieves - -->>Click Here<<--
Gonna Get Along With You Now - -->>Click Here<<--

And just in case people haven't gotten around getting some of their other songs, browse around my She & Him folder on mediafire. It's where I put everything.

-->My Mediafire She & Him Folder<<--

And don't forget to pre-order 7" In The Sun vinyl and Volume Two! I already have! :D


I Can Hear Music (B-side) - -->>Click Here<<--