August 4th, 2008

a couple questions:

I'm seeing Zooey tonight in Columbus @ the WexCenter. I already asked with no response, but I figured since I was asking some q's, I'd ask again.

1.Anyone else here going & want to meet up? I'm going alone, & well, that just won't be as fun :[

2. For the people who have seen them, how long do they play? They have an opener here, but it says it doesn't start til 9. I'm asking because I am taking our public transportation there and they stop running @ a certain time, so I need to know if I'll have to leave early. [unless I decide to take a cab home]

3. How easily accessable is Zooey after/before the show? The venue says no cameras, but I'm bringing mine anyway, because even if I can't photograph her during the set, I want to try & get a picture with her.

thank you for your time :]

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1-10: X-Files: I want to believe
11-17: Keira Knightley
18-28: Kirsten Dunst
29-38: Zooey Deschanel
39-49: Rosamund Pike
50-62: Nightwish Century Child lyrics
63-70: Nightwish
71-81: Lacrimosa
82-86: Stillste Stund
87-94: Emilie Autumn
95-104: Simone Simons
105-110: L'Ame Immortelle
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well, tomorrow is my big day seeing she & him and am wondering if anyone knew Zooey's favorite kind of flower? I figure it would be more modest to give her flowers than my hand in marriage. Anyone know?