April 24th, 2008

zooey deschanel

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heyyy guys!

so i saw zooey tonight :)
i loved it! shes so cute haha you can tell shes not used to performing on a stage
in the begining she didnt really say much in between songs, and she would kind of just stand there like a yeahhh... i dont know what to do... they arent playing...
it was cute
and the encore! hahaha they disappeared for like, 2 minutes. no lie! we clapped.. and clapped... and clapped.... then they turned the lights on.. and then they put them back down.. and we clapped... lol and they finally came back out!

and luckily, cameras were allowed so i have a bunch of photos but i am in the process of editing/tagging them all sooo ill post them when im done!
i also recorded you really got a hold on me, i am uploading it to youtube as we speak :)