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wood in places

I don't believe this myself, but two days after my third issue, I sat down and spilled into this:

godzilla says hi #4
It's bright.

It's completely different from the last one in the sense that's it's cautious and introspective. I started writing and found it impossible to stop without feeling suspended and haunted, so I finished it. This time around, all the art is cut-and-paste, and sections are divided with songs that match the writing in mood, melody, or rhythm. I talk about my mother's (and now my) obsession with weight, feeling out of place amongst teenagers and this time period, memories of being shut in the garage, and more. There's also a fiction piece about a mother and her daughter and a hotel.

"Then a quivering boy named Pete fround a box of sparkling blueberry water, and my hand clasped on a bottle, and my friend's hand clasped on a bottle, and suddenly we were laughing, staggering around with it. Something in the way we were moving told me not to let go."

#4 is also my first 1/4 size zine. 32 pages, S.W.A.K.

Send $1 & 1 stamp to:

4052 Glenwood Street
Irvine, CA 92604

Trades welcome! (for future reference; bandwith exceeded, hah)

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