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Musical adventures into words

Submissions wanted for Library themed 'zine

I'm putting together a compilation 'zine on the theme of library love. This could be just a short paragraph about why you love libraries, or childhood memories of libraries, or how libraries have effected your life, or maybe you work in a library and want to let people know how great your job/library branch is... I would particularly love to hear from people in the UK whose local library may be under threat - to highlight the cause, to let people know what you've been doing to campaign against govern,ent cuts. Anything on this sort of theme. No maximum word count, though do let me know before sending if your submission is going to be mammoth. If you could send me something ASAP I would be grateful, as the 'zine is in progress already and would love to get something out for April 10th when it's the London 'Zone fair.

Even if you're not in the UK, where library cuts are threatened currently, you can get in touch - how is the library service in your country? Have any libraries been closed due to cuts or been threatened with closure?

The aim of the 'zine is to present a broad range of reasons why libraries are amazing places and so valuable to everyone. The aim is to add to the plight to stop ill-advised library cuts all over the UK, which now stand at around 600.

For loads of useful links on the current situation on the UK go to:

Please email your submissions to:
librariesforsociety @ gmail dot com
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