art, crafting & domestic bliss! (sagiegirl) wrote in _zine_writers,
art, crafting & domestic bliss!

Marked For LIfe #5 - mini zine

Marked For Life #5
8 pages/Mini size by Sage

Sage writes, "I created a text heavy mini that deals with my thoughts on self-censorship, social anxiety and the attempt (and sometimes success) at carrying on with my creative pursuits regardless of the judgment that I happen to fear from others."

~ Available at Sweet Candy Distro ~ you can also order this zine by doing the following:

Send PayPal payment to sweetcandydistro AT gmail DOT com

$1 ppd within the US
$1.50 ppd to Canada
$2 ppd Everywhere Else

Or you can send US cash to:

Sage A.
PO Box 1833
Dallas, GA 30132

+ my Etsy shop ~ my zines & other stuff
+ candy_cluster ~ updates on my zine & distro stuff
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