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paper trail distro news november 2008

time again for paper trail distro news, even though november is on its last legs & december is knocking on the door. blame my intolerance of cold weather & seasonal affective malaise, even though i have voluntarily resided in new england for over seven years. some new zines were added to the distro catalogue last month, including:

* "skinned heart" #2--an e-mail exchange between radical anarcha-feminist nyky & a local flagstaff punk, hashing out the political implications of language & intent
* "skills"--sabrina's skill-sharing zine, which teaches readers how to crochet their own dishrags, start seedlings, reduce stress, make cheese, & more
* "root" #5/"stab" #7--sarah & sonia's new split zine about the roberts street social center, an amazing community space they started in halifax, which has space for a zine archive, silkscreening studio, artist residency, meeting space, & more
* "messy dog"/"messy baby"--a split between sarah & her sister, about preparing fresh healthy food for your baby &/or your dog
* the "invincible summer" 2009 calendar--nicole's new calendar! it's an ode to the queer animal kingdom; each month is decorated with an illustration of an animal that has demonstrated homosexual activity in the wild, a hearty eff-you to haters who insist that homosexuality in "unnatural"

lengthier descriptions, cover scans, et al are on the website: quantities of the calendar are especially limited. i bought enough to hopefully see me through calendar-buying season, but once they're gone, i'm not re-ordering. they make a great gift!

if you have a zine-loving friend & want to give them the gift of zines for the holiday season (maybe i recommend new year's gifts? i personally don't celebrate religious holidays, but i love the new year!), you can order zines from me & have them sent to your friend, or you can e-mail me ( to discuss custom-made gift certificates in whatever amount you want.

& don't forget about paper trail distro subscriptions! the latest round of subscriptions closes at the end of december, so there's still plenty of time, & you can even wait to apply your holiday gift cash toward it, but a subscription would make a mighty fine gift for a zine lover in your life.

that's all she wrote this month. next month is mere days away, & new zines are coming down the pike, so visit the distro site & watch this space for future updates. thanks!

x-posted everywhere! sorry.
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