melissa ann! (riotgrrrrl) wrote in _zine_writers,
melissa ann!

she's so very... issue 11!

issue number eleven. 2.0 oz $3.00
38 half sized pages.
text with full color cover designed by Meghan Weinstein.
winter/spring (january - may) 2008.
I hope to make 2008 a year full of new experiences! This issue documents my first trip to California and other new and exciting things I'm trying to accomplish, details of my booking a show with The Old Haunts (featuring Tobi Vail from Bikini Kill), being interviewed for Hannah Neurotica's Zine Core radio show, JERK ALERT! recording our first "real" album and my continued attempts at dealing with sexuality, relationships and life. It also includes an interview with actress/musician Krysten Ritter (from Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls) and my friends answer my two favorite music questions! It's a great issue and features a full color cover, which is another first!

you can purchase it via snail mail for $3, or via paypal for $3.50 - i'm sorry, but i can't accept trades at this time : ( but if you are desperate for a zine and can't afford the price, please contact me and we'll try to work it out! xoxoxoxoxo

for $3.50
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