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Hey zinesters [03 Jun 2010|07:51pm]
I'm starting this project. Context: http://thinkofprettythngs.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/topt-zine-could-be-a-pretty-thing/

The idea:
It will be an International Publication about appreciating life. The focus will be a bit different to the blog. For one thing, it will be a collaborative venture. But also, it will be less associated with consumerism and more focused on what is pretty right now.

Submissions should be as creative and as wide ranging as possible. Here are some examples though:
- Reflections on your favourite things.
- What you’re grateful for.
- Advice for appreciating what’s there.
- Reflections on maintaining happiness in what can be a really tough world.

We’re looking for photos, illustrations and words. Also, if you’d like, you can design your own pages and send them through.

At least in the initial stages, the zine will be black&white, so keep that in mind, especially with visual material.

Successful contributers will not be paid in money, but will receive 2 free copies of the zine. TWO! One for you and a friend!

Send all submissions to erin23456@hotmail.com

The deadline for issue one will be the 9th of September, 2010.
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