October 27th, 2006

brave girl

It Takes All Kinds issue 4

Issue 4 of It Takes All Kinds is available. Chock full of poetry, short stories, rants, comics and art, this issue completes the first year of ITAK. Contributors to this issue include vaslittlecrow, fidgety, shaharazad, hai_kah_uhk, charisma, and orlok. The cover is digital art created by me. This issue is 20 pages, partial color, digest-sized and is $3.

Next up is a "best of" the first four issues. No contributions are being taken for this project. It should be available in December or January.

The deadline for issue 5 of ITAK (and the beginning of the 2nd year) is December 31st, 2006. The issue will be out in January, 2007.

To order any issue of ITAK, visit the webhome of It Takes All Kinds.