March 4th, 2006

  • nicci

Mostly Hand Written #4

Mostly Hand Written #4 MHW#4 - back cover MHW#4 - interior page
MHW#4 - interior pages MHW#4 - interior page MHW#4

this is the cover of MHW#4, a hand bound 28pp zine. this is issue #4, which is actually coming out before #3. this issue has a soft cover, and is bound with the usual japanese stab binding. this issue explores collaborative journals, as well as offering prompts for self portraiture, and why you should draw or paint or record yourself. it's also got a bunch of art/drawings/journal pages by nicci. most of the illustrations in this issue are taken from a journal traveling between nicci & theresa. all artwork is by nicci, however. 28pp, 1/2 size.

this issue can be found in my etsy shop.