February 22nd, 2006


Come one, come all, come alone or with the one you love, come in new previously undreamt ways whilst reading the unbelievably-unbinding-underbelly of Chiaroscuro #26!!! Inside the happily-haughty-homeopape you will discover all that is worth fabrication!!! The current location of Jesus Christ almighty!!! How to avoid mundane discussions about baseball!!! Whether or not “leopard print” is a color!!! What sort of hat Tony wears in the “Comix Zone!!!” The medicinal benefits of perpetual marijuana use!!! Exactly how sexually irresistible zine co-founder Hacim Mortsmlam is!!! The importance of atomic death rays in modern life!!! The truth behind Eric Blair’s ill-fated trip to San Francisco!!! Sara orgasms!!! A map to the land of prescription pills!!! The Chiaroscuro suicide cult claims another member!!! For those reasons (and for many others left untyped) you certainly cannot resist the primordial urge to look for the newest issue of Salt Lake’s most distinguished zine whenever your eyes are open!!!

For questions/comments/reactions fuck off…. And then write Tony – ChiaroscuroZine@hotmail.com