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I know it's kinda lame cuz I switched some of them around and such but it was fun anyway. yayayaya :D


the pictures have moved. you can see them along with my other makeup creations [here]. (just hit next to go through the series)
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so I'm in a stage makeup class right now, and that's what I'm hoping to go into after college... right now we're working on fantasy, so we had to find a character from a book/play/mythology/etc to do as our final design. guess who I picked? :3

our practice was on monday and I liked how it came out so I took a few pictures... my final is today and I'll take more. then I'll post the best ones so you kids can see how much of a dork I am. ^_^
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Just wanted to say that for anyone ever in search of any Slayers/Zelgadis fanart, is a great place to look ( but I'm sure you knew that :P ). I thought I'd list a few. Just keep in mind not to take the artists' work without their permission. ( a member coming out with a Slayers doujinshi - my personal favorite artist ) ( A Zel and Xel community ) ( A Z/A community )

These communities have links to other Slayers communities and individual members. Check them out ^_^

Slayers RPG needs a Zel

(crossposted -- sorry for the spam)
I run a Slayers/LU based message baord RPG that has been going for a couple of months now. We had a Zelgadis, but his player had to leave because of RL hecticness. Since we have all of the other main Slayers characters (Lina, Gourry, Amelia, Filia, Xellos and even Sylphiel and Jillas), I would really like to find a Zel.

The website is here, or you can check out our ad at rpg_promo.
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Hey all!

Hi, i was told to join this community,.. so i did,...
does anyone have a favorite Zel moment???

mine would have to be where he banged his head on the table and he head got stuck because of his hair..... lol
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yes, i'm a die hard slayers fan. i've invested more money into slayers items than i care to admit. (to the point i started on a mission to purchase each informatible piece of slayers merchandise in order to compose a complete slayers website--lyrics, songs, mp3s, etc)
i've been desperately trying to piece together a slayers rpg, but i can't ever seem to find the faithful rpgers. my storyline idea ended up pseudo-revolving around Zelgadis (not surprising, right?) because that concept is easy. face it, that's the last dilemma the creators left unsolved at the end of the slayers series. so it makes sense. anyway, i digress.
i don't know how many of you role play, have time to role play, &/or like to role play -- infact, i had opened a slayers community for a slayers rpg for extended flexibilty of slayers role playing. & this is where i'm at;

storyline; currently inactive

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anyway you get the point.
ideas? suggestions? volunteers?

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that's all! <3
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Ohmigod! I've found my home!!
Hi everybody, I love Zel.
He's my favorite Slayers character,
well, heck, he's my favorite anime
character(followed by Xellos, of course).
Oh, yeah, my name is natalie.