April 10th, 2005


I used to be a die-hard fan of Slayers -- guess I still am, Slayers fans never really die, but go dormant I guess. Zelgadis was always my first favorite char since he *looked* so different. You don't see a lot of anime chars, or even story chars, who look like Zel. Not to mention he's got such a stoic outward appearance but he's really got a soft side underneath it. Not just a nice soft side, but a whiny one too. Always nice to know your favorite chars have flaws like everyone else. ^^

Coupling-wise I don't think Zel is mature enough for relationships, but I'd prolly say he'd be a better balancing force for Lina than Amelia. I really used to hate ZelxAmelia and still don't care for it but I LOVE AMELIA so freaking much. Anyone else out there feel like that; you love Ame and Zel but not Ame + Zel?

I've drawn a few pics of Zel and they're at my website, go check them out if you wanna. A lot of the Slayers artwork came from fanfics or RPGs that I did. I apologize if they suck. x-x;

Later all Zelly fans! <3