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I am looking for any and all fics with the paring Gourry/Zel.

Okay, odd couple, I know, but I'm re-watching the series right now, and I can't seem to get it out of me head.

Mature fics would be preferred, but quite honestly, I'll take what ever I can get!

Hoping some one will be able to point me in the right direction!


ps. I've been out of the fandom for a few years now. I haven't fully watched all of Slayers from beginning to end in like, 5 years. It's been waaaaaay too long. XD Glad to be back!
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Hi. I know this is ‘advertising’ but I think you’ll be interested in this:


I know it’s really hard to find slayers screen caps online, and there are so few out there. I have the whole slayers series on my computer now, and I am endeavoring to cap the entire series.

300+ slayers screencaps so far (as of today)

growing daily

taking cap requests

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hey guys!! the other night I was super bored and in a slayers mood, and I remembered about a fanfic that I put up on fanfiction.net 5 years ago. so, just out of curiosity, I went to see if it was still there... and it was! so I'm gonna repost it here, and maybe some of you will like it. keep in mind I was 15 at the time and this was my first (and last, at least so far) real attempt at a fanfic, so be nice. :P it's G or maybe PG at most, and it's just a silly little story. you can read it on fanfiction.net here, or else look behind the cut!

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oh and while I'm here... this community's been pretty quiet.... any ideas on how to make it more exciting? :O


Zel & other characters would be really appreciated

It has been 5 months since the Dark Star has been vanquished and the Slayers have parted, each chasing after their own dreams. Yet the rumour of the crystal-blue stone, the Pearl, able to fulfil any one wish, may as well be the one thing needed to bring their different paths together again and thrust them back into a new adventure, who's importance may be greater than even they could begin to phantom.

Characters & RPG || Rules || Application ||

This post was in no way intended for spam. If this post has offended anyone, I am deeply sorry, and I will swiftly take it down if you leave a note below.

New Slayers Fanfiction Contest Community

Hey, I wanted to pimp my new fanfiction community if I could! :o)


I created a all-pairing and all-genre accepting fanfiction short-short contest community for The Slayers. All who love Slayers and like to write drabbles are welcome.

There are no restrictions on pairings, subject matter, and genres are welcome. The drabbles are weekly, and the one-shots are monthly. I give out awards too!

Please come an join my community if you're a Slayers writer! Expand your horizons! (yeah, lame, I know...)


Please help me grow! It's my first community!
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I used to be a die-hard fan of Slayers -- guess I still am, Slayers fans never really die, but go dormant I guess. Zelgadis was always my first favorite char since he *looked* so different. You don't see a lot of anime chars, or even story chars, who look like Zel. Not to mention he's got such a stoic outward appearance but he's really got a soft side underneath it. Not just a nice soft side, but a whiny one too. Always nice to know your favorite chars have flaws like everyone else. ^^

Coupling-wise I don't think Zel is mature enough for relationships, but I'd prolly say he'd be a better balancing force for Lina than Amelia. I really used to hate ZelxAmelia and still don't care for it but I LOVE AMELIA so freaking much. Anyone else out there feel like that; you love Ame and Zel but not Ame + Zel?

I've drawn a few pics of Zel and they're at my website, go check them out if you wanna. A lot of the Slayers artwork came from fanfics or RPGs that I did. I apologize if they suck. x-x;

Later all Zelly fans! <3