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Zelda OOT Rating
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A Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Rating Community
Image hosted by Photobucket.comWelcome to:

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com NO FLAMMING! Please, respect others. All trolls and people who flame others WILL be banned.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comYou have to join to post.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comPlease, VOTE for other members. Vote, and be voted in return.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com This community is only for one Zelda game, which is OCARINA OF TIME, so when voting please remember to rate people characters from that game. :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAll applications behind LJ-cut. Click here to learn how.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com When voting, an explanation is not required, but it would be nice if you gave one. Don't just go with what everyone else is saying unless you really do agree! Read through the application and give an honest vote. After all, that's what a rating community is all about. :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Fill out the survey! Not just pics. This community is for personality; all pictures are optional.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIf you dislike your first stamp, then you may be restamped as many times as you like. Just as long as one month passed since you're previous application. :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comPlease make your answers as detailed as possiable. This will make it easier to determine who you are!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Bold your votes and try to give at least 1 or 2 characters. Click here to lean how to bold.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comGive stamping time. You WILL get your stamp, you can count on that.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd just to know that you have read the rules put in the subject line "I Am A Hero"!

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[[If you can think of other characters from OOT that you want to add feel free to tell us!]]

+ Darunia
+ Ganondorf
+ Impa
+ Ingo
+ Link
+ Malon
+ Mido
+ Nabooru
+ Navi
+ Rauru
+ Ruto
+ Saria
+ Sheik
+ Talon
+ Zelda

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

lonewolf was stamped as Darunia
yayduocake is most like Darunia
romeoloadthegun was stamped as Darunia
theangelsilas was stamped as Darunia
xiane_elvento was stamped as Darunia
captainlon was stamped as Darunia
replica has been stamped as Darunia
lolli_kitty was stamped as Darunia
skybison was stamped as Darunia

iranuh is most like Ganondorf
scytheandroses is most like Ganondorf

fearnodarkness is most like Impa
sinfuldragon is most like Impa
createdmemory is most like Impa
longlongago is most like Impa
merkip is most like Impa
panksters was stamped as Impa
kalidah was stamped as Impa
thefuneralmoon was stamped as Impa
rainkeltoia was stamped as Impa
feelingsuperior was stamped as Impa
no_mikoto was stamped as Impa
shadowandfoxgal was stamped as Impa

_katio_ is most like Ingo
dantekersei is most like Ingo
toyzwithrazors7 is most like Ingo

prefectaltruism is most like Link
tainted_core is most like Link
wolf_ocd is most like Link
batkisses is most like Link
sievemaster is most like Link
mgntohydrodynmc was stamped as Link
anbyrobanby was stamped as Link
invader_luna was stamped as Link
tiberius00 was stamped as Link
ladynyoko was stamped as Link
sylverdragonfly was stamped as Link
no_mikoto was stamped as Link
stilettos was stamped as Link
fightingoutside was stamped as Link
frozenlioness was stamped as Link
xxan0ther_dayxx was stamped as Link
oubandgeekrjl was stamped as Link
beatlesexual was stamped as Link
des_zero was stamped as Link
shadow_hive was stamped as Link
oubandgeekzule was stamped as Link
shepholomon was stamped as Link
nuclearpez was stamped as Link
sk_chan was stamped as Link
smilecity was stamped as Link
emo_precipitate was stamped as Link
__noroomtobleed was stamped as Link
meatina was stamped as Link
xartificallove was stamped as Link

serria is most like Malon
honno is most like Malon
xxgothsoulxx is most like Malon
demnwngdkiwi is most like Malon
googlehead84 is most like Malon
experienced is most like Malon
sakuraxsakura is most like Malon
waka_laka is most like Malon
nomore3xfives is most like Malon
misting_raine is most like Malon
xxblackharuxx is most like Malon
emera_lazzaly is most like Malon
muahasandnarfs is most like Malon
iheartjareth is most like Malon
geranium_dreams is most like Malon
demnwngdkiwi is most like Malon
xpossumkingdomx is most like Malon
scarletsonata was stamped as Malon
vivi_eiko was stamped as Malon
raimuchan was stamped as Malon
daishoukanshi was stamped as Malon
aethereal was stamped as Malon
cute_cristi was stamped as Malon
swordman_hinote was stamped as Malon
eternalkagura was stamped as Malon
thane was stamped as Malon
estharwolf was stamped as Malon
dancingrissies was stamped as Malon
sooper_kawaii was stamped as Malon
shadowcaitiff was stamped as Malon
missnoface was stamped as Malon
pillowfight was stamped as Malon
thewackonextdor was stamped as Malon
hamano_ayumi was stamped as Malon
geranium_dreams was stamped as Malon
puddingtreat was stamped as Malon
thenicochan was stamped as Malon
movie_crazy_cat was stamped as Malon
archerstar was stamped as Malon

hamtaro1230 was stamped as Mido
honorary was stamped as Mido
livingdedgrl17 was stamped as Mido
punk_goth_churn is most like Mido

xthebandgeekx is most like Nabooru
sakurafae_ is most like Nabooru
always_dawn is most like Nabooru
stoicjester is most like Nabooru
ispeaknerd is most like Nabooru
aneris is most like Nabooru
satanic_rayne is most like Nabooru
___candy_holic was stamped as Nabooru
ambran was stamped as Nabooru
ophidian_spire was stamped as Nabooru
fire_tears was stamped as Nabooru
rinku_64 was stamped as Nabooru
hornskickarse was stamped as Nabooru
satanic_rayne was stamped as Nabooru
ryutsuki was stamped as Nabooru
zestyfunk was stamped as Naobooru
fireflypenance was stamped as Nabooru
contingence was stamped as Nabooru
macalaca was stamped as Nabooru
happycrabmearii was stamped as Nabooru
sprinkledonut was stamped as Nabooru
lovestyle was stamped as Nabooru
gravity_xx was stamped as Nabooru

rainbowheartrod is most like Navi
kuragarigenso is most like Navi
thepinkone was stamped as Navi
strifekun is most like Navi
bloodyapplepi is most like Navi
firstxdegree was stamped as Navi
pixieinajar was stamped as Navi
geishagurlx was stamped as Navi
leap4detonation was stamped as Navi
theacidqueen was stamped as Navi
godlessmachine was stamped as Navi

mormegil_naa is most like Rauru
romantica is most like Rauru

suiseiseki is most like Ruto
thebeatles311 is most like Ruto
girls_are_weird is most like Ruto
anime_girl193 is most like Ruto
lystrade is most like Ruto
cibi_saria is most like Ruto
pixxidust116 is most like Ruto
insanerebelcow is most like Ruto
ravyn726 was stamped as Ruto
beeshoujo was stamped as Ruto
little_sad_girl was stamped as Ruto
fuinle was stamped as Ruto
grimble_gromble was stamped as Ruto
sinfuldragon was stamped as Ruto
bolshevists was stamped as Ruto
glasskey14 was stamped as Ruto
spiralstairs was stamped as Ruto
tsukitaichou was stamped as Ruto
chatty_one was stamped as Ruto
angel_ray was stamped as Ruto
kiwirainbows was stamped as Ruto
chatty_one was stamped as Ruto
potatooutlaw was stamped as Ruto
turquoisea was stamped as Ruto

onee_omi is most like Saria
solitary_zero is most like Saria
redhead1804 is most like Saria
nuriko is most like Saria
moonlit_curse is most like Saria
loveskiki is most like Saria
reconquista is most like Saria
sailorzelda is most like Saria
hanautsukushii is most like Saria
lady_yunie is most like Saria
tragoedia is most like Saria
angerfish is most like Saria
lunaristiclight is most like Saria
demon_chan is most like Saria
lana_lana is most like Saria
sixteenthnote is most like Saria
triforce89 is most like Saria
synkurayami was stamped as Saria
curiositykate was stamped as Saria
the_albino_poo was stamped as Saria
pyratesss was stamped as Saria
spaz_chan was stamped as Saria
bambi_6 was stamped as Saria
cavedemonzombie was stamped as Saria
midori_chan216 was stamped as Saria
tightwhite_grl was stamped as Saria
sleepy_syusuke was stamped as Saria
troll_st_troll was stamped as Saria
cute_cristi was stamped as Saria
ncmhunteraya was stamped as Saria
rockso was stamped as Saria
piper_714 was stamped as Saria
rockmehepcat was stamped as Saria
oceansoul324 was stamped as Saria
trifrog77 was stamped as Saria
mdajpow was stamped as Saria
icecouture was stamped as Saria
nozomitwili was stamped as Saria
seraphatra was stamped as Saria
iristigerlily was stamped as Saria
parisiannymph was stamped as Saria
celesia was stamped as Saria
kajiko93 was stamped as Saria

ganondorflover is most like Sheik
lonely_soul is most like Sheik
headbanger4554 is most like Sheik
militarypenguin is most like Sheik
alanskitty is most like Sheik
erethesunrises was stamped as Sheik
raven_goth was stamped as Sheik
im_an_aaangel was stamped as Sheik
wind_god_cischa was stamped as Sheik
ironical_kai was stamped as Sheik
gjtifaheart was stamped as Sheik
the_albino_poo was stamped as Sheik
somasu is most like Sheik
rage_virus was stamped as Sheik

cherrim is most like Talon
liquidverve was stamped as Talon

ooo_shiney is most like Zelda
jaquii is most like Zelda
naru_chan is most like Zelda
x_stef_x is most like Zelda
contingence is most like Zelda
_periwinklestar is most like Zelda
shamrokk is most like Zelda
violetambition is most like Zelda
tashi_rating is most like Zelda
moneyfreak is most like Zelda
aseraphim is most like Zelda
little_nimue is most like Zelda
angelicusa_x was stamped as Zelda
dana_fields is most like Zelda
lonelyangel_rei was stamped as Zelda
onsoullessfeet was stamped as Zelda
__vurtfeather was stamped as Zelda
ainohimeliz was stamped as Zelda
omghydeme was stamped as Zelda
honorableshadow was stamped as Zelda
lastyearswishes was stamped as Zelda
lastunicorn was stamped as Zelda
pepper was stamped as Zelda
hikaruuchiha was stamped as Zelda
baabaababe was stamped as Zelda
holywombats was stamped as Zelda
queenhyprshadow was stamped as Zelda
mister_monday is most like Zelda
fireflypenance was stamped as Zelda
dreamlover89 was stamped as Zelda

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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