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young urban professionals

we're young and we're rich

we're young, smart, and rich LOL
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yup·pie (yp)
n. Informal
A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle.

i don't know of any communities for young professionals on livejournal so i made this one. join if you think you are a yuppie, or if you want to be a yuppie. post about anything, it doesn't have to be about yuppies. talk about your obsession with material shit without worrying about getting slammed. talk about or get advice about the components of your home theater/automobile/spa treatments/plastic surgery. or just come here to brag, i don't really give a shit. otherwise, you have yourself a great day.

p.s. college degreed professionals preferred. i don't really care much for lottery winners or heiresses/heirs.