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Yummi is YUMMY!

And you know you MUST spread their love to everyone.

Fuji Yuuta & Mizuki Hajime
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Yummi is love.

This is a community dedicated to the pairing, Yummi (YuutaxMizuki) and MiYuu (MizukixYuuta), from The Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama. If you haven't noticed. XD;;


Why Yummi?
Because the mod is a overly crazy Yummi fangirl.. Because they're so under-appreciated! T^T We must spread the love! And this is what the baka mod did to record all the Yummi moments. ^^ Do consider looking at it, then JOIN. XP Yummi is CANON!

1. Contributions
Post your fanfic, fanart, doujinshis, icons of Yummi-ness here! Anything under the Sun, as long as it’s Yummi, it’s all fine.

Please keep all fics and art and any image larger than icons or small sized banners behind an LJ-cut tag, with ratings, especially if they are things that rate NC-17 or R.

If you're posting icons, please have a minimum of 3 per post. If you have any more, keep them behind an LJ-cut tag.

Old artworks and fanfics can be posted as long as they haven't been posted in this community previously.

Discussions involving Myummi (KENN x Shio) are also welcomed. <3 For the shipping of Shiozawa Hidemasa, you can go to shio_is_love. And for the shipping of KENN, you can go to kennism.

Past contributions can be found here.

2. Recommendations
You can also pimp your website/community (with Yummi contents) here. Though it would be nice if you informed the mod first! =)

Recommendations to Yummi-related sites are also welcomed. :D

3. Posting Format
Consider using this when posting fic (or art sometimes.)

4. And everything else…
Please do not type L1ke tHi5 b3c4u5e iT’s mEsSy aNd d1fFiCu7t t0 r34d.

No swearing, cursing, flaming and whatsoever.

Please have fun and remember Yummi must be shared and adored and loved. ♥♥♥


If you’ve anything to recommend or ask, feel free to email Summer at yuutaxmizuki[@]gmail.com


Fuji Yuuta Mizuki Hajime
Fanart sites

strudy [St. Rudolph]
ducksushi [Yanagisawa x Kisarazu]
bakakane [Akazawa x Kaneda]

kennism [KENN]
shio_is_love [Shiozawa Hidemasa]

nfu_challenge [Mizuki Hajime Challenge Comm]


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