miundel (miundel) wrote in _yummi,

Hello guys~

I'm from the scanlation team t_akai_inazuma and we're in hiatus now due to personal problems from my friend and co-maintener Akira.
For the team, I kept secret a lot of scanned doujinshi in order to release them translated but now... I don't know if we can make it so I think it's a pity to keep them for myself.
So I'm sure people will be interested if I share.

They're mostly Akiyoshi's ones. And people knowing Akiyoshi-sensei know that she only does Yuumi (Yuuta/Mizuki) and a few Golden Pair doujinshi.

For today, I'll share this one :

Title: Fairy Tales
Doujinka: Akiyoshi Nana
PG : G
Genre: total crack
Characters : many


I think one of them was almost finished to translate in English. I'll finish it and post it too. I find it sad to lose all this hard work.
And I really want to share it with you.

Tell me if you can't DL it, I'll upload it elsewhere.

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