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This is a multi-fandom writing challenge centered on crack or odd pairings. And while Yuuta/Mizuki isn't exactly crack in terms of fandom standards, it is for this challenge. We would love to see some PoT-related submissions, and definitely ones which include either or both of them. And while sign-ups officially open on March 26, 2012, here's a heads up. We hope to see you there! :)
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Some time ago I've drawn Mizuki with a Samoyed and now I couldn't resist drawing Yuuta too. After seeing that tearful movie Hachiko Monogatari, the choice wasn't long : a Akita inu. >3

I discover I love painting dogs, even if both were made with photo reference.

Now I just wonder if more characters with dogs will come. XD

Preview :

False cut to the doggy pictures!!
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Hello guys~

I'm from the scanlation team t_akai_inazuma and we're in hiatus now due to personal problems from my friend and co-maintener Akira.
For the team, I kept secret a lot of scanned doujinshi in order to release them translated but now... I don't know if we can make it so I think it's a pity to keep them for myself.
So I'm sure people will be interested if I share.

They're mostly Akiyoshi's ones. And people knowing Akiyoshi-sensei know that she only does Yuumi (Yuuta/Mizuki) and a few Golden Pair doujinshi.

For today, I'll share this one :

Title: Fairy Tales
Doujinka: Akiyoshi Nana
PG : G
Genre: total crack
Characters : many


I think one of them was almost finished to translate in English. I'll finish it and post it too. I find it sad to lose all this hard work.
And I really want to share it with you.

Tell me if you can't DL it, I'll upload it elsewhere.


[SALES] St. Rudolph Doujinshi

Hello, I hope this is okay ^^; I figured it's at least relevant to some members' interests...

In order to earn the money necessary to publish my own comic, I'm selling of my St. Rudolph doujinshi collection-- it's mostly Mizuki Centric and Akazawa x Mizuki works, but they're all very cute or beautifully illustrated! (I can say this because I'm picky with what I buy in the first place XD)

Yuumi fans! There are a few Yummi titles there as well :)

So if you're interested in buying some, they're over ♥♥here~!♥♥

x-posted all over the place..sorry OTL I need these funds.
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Strudy Exchange - new round!

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to present a new round at the strudy_exchange community. ^^
It's an art and fanfic exchange community that focuses on characters from St. Rudolph. Sign-ups will be open on the 19th of March and will close on the 19th of April.

Please read the rules and submission guidelines and when you're done, the sign ups are here!

I hope you'll come and join us. :D

Thanks for reading, crossposted, sorry for spamming. ^.^