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The Youth Rights Community

Fight for your rights!

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The Youth Rights LJ community was created for youth rights supporters to discuss pertinent issues. Although the community is primarily for supporters, dissenters may join as well to discuss the issues. This community is non-partisan, and we invite people from all over the political spectrum to join.

The community deals with both issues of youth self-determination (lowering the voting age, lowering the drinking age, compulsory schooling, social inequality, freedom of speech, comprehensive sex education), youth rights issues that pertain to specific groups (anti-LGBT discrimination in schools, for example) as well as traditional 'child rights' issues (child abuse, stopping paedophiles, parental treatment of children). We

Topics discussed currently include
+ Youth self-determination
+ Youth-rights organisations
+ Stopping abuse and neglect
and other things! If you would like to participate in the discussions, feel free to join. We'd love to have you here.

This community also has a few rules:
+ No flaming, trolling or spamming
+ No illegal activities are to be promoted
+ Members should engage each other intelligently and civilly

The moderators are memepr0gramme and wishenough. Feel free to contact us on this journal with any concerns. We will be glad to help if needed. memepr0gramme has put his AIM nickname up, so if you want to contact him that way, feel free.

Here is a list of youth rights organisations that you might be interested in:
http://www.oblivion.org - Oblivion is a youth-rights site that contains a zine, forums and blog articles about youth rights.

http://www.youthrights.org - The National Youth Rights Association is an organisation devoted to fighting for the rights of youth, as well as discussing them. Both moderators of this community are or have been on the Board of Directors of this organisation. There are articles, a blog and a fairly active forum. (And memepr0gramme is a moderator there, so make sure to drop in and say hi!)

http://www.asfar.org - Americans for a Society Free of Age Restrictions is a youth-rights group that is more radical than NYRA, but shares some of the same principles, and they have an excellent newsletter called Youth Truth, which I think is worth reading.

More youth-rights related materials will be coming soon.


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