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Movies and Moviestars
1. Who is your favorite rocky horror picture show character and why? frank n. furter, because in a strangely satisfying way, he looks incredibly sexy in stilletos.
2. What do you think of Renee Zellweger(sp?)? i can't say i like her as much as i like her character in Bridget Jones's Diary. [laughs to self]
3. "What is a fuck-ass?" (name movie) "how exactly does one suck a fuck?" heh,
donnie darko
4. Your favorite movie? as in picking just one? at the moment: big fish, fear & loathing, fight club
5. __ Things I Hate About You? (fill in the stupid blank.) um, ten?
6. Thoughts on Harry Potter? books = awesome, movies = a little overrated, but still entertaining.
7. Do you love the Sound of Music? ...no? [hides]
8. "I live in the weak and the wounded."(name movie) heh, session nine. their voices still freak me out.
9. Igby Goes ____? (fill in the fucking blank) down.
10. Thoughts on the Molly Ringwald classics? they're nice... the type of movie you watch when you're alone and in that 'happy-ending, romantic' mood.

1. Name the lead singer of Weezer (bonus points if you spell his last name right.) Rivers Cuomo
2. Thoughts on the White Stripes? they have some good songs, although their album 'elephant' is rather repetative.
3. How many females are in the Violent Femmes? um... are there any?
4. "That's how is should be. Sha sha, sha do" (Name that artist) the beatles
5. What is the best No Doubt cd? tragic kingdom and return of saturn... before they went a bit downhill.
6. Who is the walrus? i am?
7. Thoughts on Tom Jones? [coughs]
8. Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, ___, ____, and _____. not sure, really. =/
9. "You ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time." (old school, name that artist) elvis!
10. What is your favorite band? um... LIVE (specifically their album 'throwing copper' -love-)! tool, inme, the cure, nirvana, the eagles... those at the moment.

Old School TV Shows
1. What was the name of Rocko's dog (rocko's modern life, it's ok if you spell it wrong) spunky!
2. Fresh Prince of ___ ___? bellaire, or however you spell it.
3. How did Clarissa's friend get into her room? a ladder! i always wanted a room like that.
4. What was the name of the tv show Steve Urkel?(sp?) Family Matters
5. Thoughts about Are You Afraid of the Dark? dude, that show gave me nightmares! wasn't it affiliated with goosebumps? :D
6. What was the name of DJ's friend on Full House? Kimmy. ha, i still remember her piercing the younger sister's ears.
7. How did crumb on AH! Real Monsters see? he was holding his eyes.
8. Thoughts on Hey Arnold? ah. it's my friend's favourite show in the world... but really, when is helga actually going to profess her love?!
9. Salute your _____? Shorts!
10. Name of Rugrats action hero? meaning the dinosaur? reptaur!

1. Do you like taking pictures of random things? yeah... i've always wanted to be a wonderful photographer, but my fingers get in the way.
2. Have you ever been to "Uncle Fun"? no... never actually heard of it.
3. Deoderant of choice? whatever's cheapest.
4. Descibe your usual look. hmm. well, i'm one for comfort and 'uniqueness' (because these AWESOME furry boots are strange, and it's not normal to wear a skirt over jeans?)...so, i wake up at 6:30, take a quick shower, make-up, throw on something pleasing, and leave. dude, hair-drying takes too long.
5. Play any musical instruments? learning guitar with an occasional flute.
6. Do you own a mannequin? no, but i bought one of my best friends a life-sized cardboard model of Angelina Jolie.
7. Thoughts on Sharpie markers? can never have enough! they work the best when writing on the walls, and they smell o so good.
8. Junk food of choice? potatoe chips w/ onion dip! and cheese sticks... ooh, and Buffalo Wings!!! and of course, lots of chocolate!!
9. Are you religious? (If so what religion?) not in the least bit... but i find it interesting to learn about religions... although obsessive, 'let me preach to you' types kill me.
10. Thoughts on The Sims? ADDICTING! hot date = guilty pleasure. :D
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