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you've got to bet on yourself now star

yay i'm posting these bad boys.

Movies and Moviestars
1. Who is your favorite rocky horror picture show character and why? Columbia, because shes a tap dancin foooool.
2. What do you think of Renee Zellweger(sp?)? only one word is needed to say about her...fattie!
3. "What is a fuck-ass?" (name movie) donnie darko
4. Your favorite movie? mmm tough choice. depending on my mood, but currently i'm gonna go with half baked, dazed and confused, or crazy/beautiful.
5. __ Things I Hate About You? (fill in the stupid blank.) 10
6. Thoughts on Harry Potter? I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!
7. Do you love the Sound of Music? who dosen't man.
8. "I live in the weak and the wounded."(name movie) session 9
9. Igby Goes ____? (fill in the fucking blank) down
10. Thoughts on the Molly Ringwald classics? i also love them. sixteen candles, pretty in pink, and breakfast club. ahh the classics.

1. Name the lead singer of Weezer (bonus points if you spell his last name right.) rivers cuomo
2. Thoughts on the White Stripes? some pretty damn fine music. i love jack white like a little brother.
3. How many females are in the Violent Femmes? 0 babayy
4. "That's how is should be. Sha sha, sha do" (Name that artist) Beatles
5. What is the best No Doubt cd? tragic kingdom all the way.
6. Who is the walrus? ah shit we talked about this yesterday. ahh american english.
7. Thoughts on Tom Jones? it's not unusual to be loved by you.
8. Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, ___, ____, and _____. red, gold, and green.
9. "You ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time." (old school, name that artist) Elvis.
10. What is your favorite band? mmm well i listen to a lot of ok go, yellowcard, 311, incubus, they might be giants, and ben folds so i'm gonna go with those.

Old School TV Shows
1. What was the name of Rocko's dog (rocko's modern life, it's ok if you spell it wrong) Skimpy
2. Fresh Prince of ___ ___? Bel Aire
3. How did Clarissa's friend get into her room? the ladder yo.
4. What was the name of the tv show Steve Urkel?(sp?) Family Matters. man i loved that show.
5. Thoughts about Are You Afraid of the Dark? ahhhh that show was the s.h.i.t. i want to watch it so bad right now.
6. What was the name of DJ's friend on Full House? Kimmy Gibler
7. How did crumb on AH! Real Monsters see? held his eyes above his head.
8. Thoughts on Hey Arnold? also a great show. i still watch it sometimes.
9. Salute your _____? Shorts. "camp onawana we hold you in our hearts.."
10. Name of Rugrats action hero? REPTAR!

1. Do you like taking pictures of random things? i prefer taking pictures of people.
2. Have you ever been to "Uncle Fun"? nope definetly on the list of places to go though.
3. Deoderant of choice? whatever is on sale.
4. Descibe your usual look. well due to school bringin me down i generally get up, put the hair in pigtails, put on some clothes (i would say clean but this isnt always the case), apply some makeup and go. sometimes i class it up a little on the weekends.
5. Play any musical instruments? flute, kazoo, and bongos. yay baby.
6. Do you own a mannequin? nope, jackie could have a friend if i did.
7. Thoughts on Sharpie markers? mmmmmm sharpies...
8. Junk food of choice? chips and dip. or ramen. or cookies. or chef boyardee. or chili cheese fritos. man i'm hungary now.
9. Are you religious? (If so what religion?) cathiloc..but thats just a technicality. but
10. Thoughts on The Sims? not entertaining. *runs away as colleen shoots me*
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