youreratedx (youreratedx) wrote in _youreratedx,

This community is for whatever the hell its members feel like posting. Pictures are a plus, because no one really likes to read long entries when they can just look at pretty pictures.

Except porn.

Because I will check this at school.

I will ask questions before you join.

If your answers are so damn cool that I want to be your best friend, you may join my nice community.

I will probably let everyone in anways.


  • :D

    hipster #2! (or would that be 3?) [strikes a "hip" pose] man, this is the life.

  • Man....

    So, I'm hip? Wow... that's insane. I'm very honored.

  • (no subject)

    This is my second best friend in the world. Jackie. oo la la AHHH! Go mickey Prom queen

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