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x now i belong x

i'm one of the beautiful ones..

x you're so vain x
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All Members , Moderated

welcome to _your_so_vain
we invite all the vain little kiddies to come and play..

x rules x

don't be rude, don't be ignorant.

please make a post introducing yourself when you first join, so we know you're here..i won't force you, but it is common courtesy.

when posting more than one picture please use the LJ-Cut. pictures containing nudity must be behind a cut.

no text only entries, if you don't have a picture find one that's interesting and post that.

no surveys or quizes.

promoting is allowed, as long as the community relates to this one. if you would like a link to your community in the userinfo get in touch with me.

x if you get stuck on your intro, you can use this x

x name;
x age;
x hair;
x eyes;
x grrl/boi;
x style;
x idol(s);
x favourite bands;
x favourite movies;
x favourite books;
x favourite colour;

x vanity x

picturewhores, digital_vain, girlsineyeliner, boysineyeliner, dyed_hair, keep_it_pretty

x rating x

sexyelite, _unique_vanity_, xvanity_core, filthee_beauty, candy_fiends, alt_dolls, rate_a_dollie

x guys&dolls x

glitterwhores, dollsnotbarbies, unperfect_dolls

if you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, complaints, etc, leave me a comment on my personal journal.
<3 prrttyh8machine

x vanity kills x
amy lee, angelina jolie, art, attention whores, babes in toyland, baby barrettes, babydoll, beauty, bettie page, bikini kill, bisexuality, black, black boots, blindside, blood, bois, bondage, cam whores, candy, cherries, cigarettes, corsets, courtney love, crispin glover, dead dolls, death metal, doll parts, dollhouses, dollies, dolls, dreads, dreams, dress up, dresses, drugs, electric tape, electronica, erotica, ethereal, eyeliner, faerie wings, faeries, fashion, feminism, fetish, fishnets, flirty eyelashes, forensics, ganja, garbage, garter belts, gay marriage, gays, glam, glamour, glitter, goth, goth boys, goth dolls, goth girls, gothic, gothic beauty, grrls, hair extensions, hips, hole, hollywood, horror films, industrial, jack off jill, jessicka fodera, johnny depp, kat bjelland, kidney theives, kittie, knives, kurt cobain, lace, lesbians, lips, lipstick, lollipops, london after midnight, lunachicks, make up, marilyn monroe, mark ryden, megadeth, misanthropy, modeling, models, music, my ruin, nine inch nails, otep, painkillers, photography, pictures, piercings, pigtails, pills, pin ups, pink, pj harvey, platforms, poppy z. brite, porcelain dolls, pvc, queen adreena, ragdolls, rasputina, razorblades, red lipstick, riot grrl, robert smith, roses, safety pins, satin panties, scarling., scars, self injury, self-photography, sex, shirley manson, sluts, smashing pumpkins, sparkles, spikes, stars, striped tights, suicide girls, susan wallace, switchblade symphony, tairrie b, tattoos, the cure, the distillers, the start, tina root, tits, trent reznor, vanity, velvet acid christ, vintage, vinyl, webcams, whores, wigs