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x name; Barbie
x age; 16
x hair; Red in back, blonde/white in front
x eyes; blue
x grrl/boi; grrl
x style; loli wanna be / norm punk
x idol(s); adriana lima(victoria secret) and rogue (x-men)
x favourite bands; joj, kittie, switchblade symphony, leftover crack, msi
x favourite movies; anything horror
x favourite books; 100 years of solitude
x favourite colour; red

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x name; danielle (danni)

x age; 19

x hair; black and messy, but long

x eyes; green

x grrl/boi; grrl

x style; dont have a particular style.. i'll usually just pick up a pair of jeans and throw on the first top i see...

x idol(s); phil anselmo, my mum

x favourite bands; my ruin, led zeppelin, queen adreena, pantera, no doubt, superjoint ritual, slayer

x favourite movies; donnie darko, dazed and confused

x favourite books; submission (cant remember the authors name)

x favourite colour; purple

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"how did it come to be?...i'm living with remains of me..."

x name; Denise
x age; 18
x hair; naturally brown...dyed burgandy...then dyed's growing out so it's urrrhh..multicolored.
x eyes; brown
x grrl/boi; girl.
x style; i don't categorize myself. i have my own style. i love hats. i usually wear some kind of jeans and whatever kind of shirt matches my mood...
x idol(s); my grandparents. they rock.
x favourite bands; a perfect circle, marilyn manson, nirvana, led zeppelin, my chemical romance, the doors, finch, fsf, snake river conspiracy(new obsession), dragpipe...many many many...more....
x favourite movies; eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, napoleon D., drop dead fred, fight club, constantine, and blow
x favourite books; hearts in atlantis by stephen king. great expectations.
x favourite colour; black, grey, lime green, orange, pink, teal, and white

that's my icon....BUT i'll post another pic. when i get some better ones. my bro. kind of hauled ass w/the digital camera.
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x name; ..Chris
x age; 15
x hair;pink mohawk ..its kind of faded now actually... ..pooh.
x eyes; greenish yellow hazelish...
x grrl/boi; girl
x style; wardrobe is black and red ...the odd dark purple
x idol(s); I don't have one...except maybe manson
x favourite bands; Manson, Kitty, Bright eyes(tres Emo, i know), Billy Talent, Linkin park, The used, my chemical romance, Night wish, conjur one....Jann arden, sarah M. Oni defranco, Tori Amos ..and yes... cher...*glare* i can't help myself.
x favourite movies; But i'm a cheerleader, All hannibal lectur movies, Batman returns, Better than chocolate, soul survivor
x favourite books; She's not there, What birds can only whisper, Crosses, Sweet Blood
x favourite colour; Black, red, purple.

I'm a ."fuck off and die" person if you tend to bother me. I'll post some pictures once i get my hair redone in indigo. uh..i don't know if this is relivant but i'm a Lesbian wanting to be a boy ... And i tend to have a strange attraction towards Gothic boys in fishnet. <3.I can be a really morbid person.... I write poetry ..uh yea enough with my life story. if anything else peeks your interest justcomment and ask. I don't bite...unless asked. :)

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