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My novel is published! Make my dreams come true!!! [07 Dec 2012|02:38am]

Mute cover
Yep you heard it right!
My novel has FINALLY been published!!!
So check it out here =  http://www.amazon.com/Mute-ebook/dp/B00AI10SBM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1354681119&sr=1-1&keywords=aura+redwood

It only costs $0.99 and you buying this book makes my dreams come true <3
So please please do :D

More! :D [27 Oct 2010|04:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Posting the next part of my story (first part is in my intro post) (I'm also wondering if any people actually look at this thing O.o)

I don’t really know what was actually going on most of the next day. I was 40% asleep, 10% bored, and 50% losing it. I just kept thinking I saw that boy again. It was like he was stalking me… But then I go to take a second look to make sure it wasn’t just me being paranoid --which believe me, happens easily-- he would be gone… or he really was never there. I also think I saw a car waiting at a stop light with no one in the drivers seat… I’m telling you. It got a little bit creepy.
    I tried to sleep in as long as I could but I had to pack. Why? Because we had to move. To Florida. Which from here in Pennsylvania, is the bottom of the world… at least from where I’m standing. Plus we were driving. Away from my best friend.
I don’t know. I might do fine. The two day long drive wouldn’t be so bad. I was the only one who had to finish packing. My mom and dad finished ages ago, I had to help my little sister pack.
    I probably finished up in two or so hours. There wasn’t that much left, I could have finished sooner, but I got distracted (meaning I turned up my ipod and danced around like an idiot with boxes). We sold a lot of our stuff on the internet and in a yard sale. And a lot of our stuff included a lot of old furniture.
    “Ivy! Ivy! Ivy! Ivy!” The most annoying voice in the world --well in my opinion-- said over and over and the tiny figure jumped on me, causing me to fall onto my mattress.
    “What?” I asked my sister, Cassidy. Yeah I love her. But she’s annoying too. I guess that’s it when it comes to siblings. Cassidy was almost four years old. Her birthday was the same day we would be leaving. Good thing she’s okay with being in the car all day long.
    “Nothing. Mommy told me to come up and make sure you were almost done.”
She had short-ish wavy brown hair and green eyes like mine. But she has a bigger imagination than I ever had. One day she would come in my room and ask if I wanted to help her hunt for purple flying turtles. Later she would come in and say she saw a giant green gummy bear being eaten by Chuck Norris (that‘s one of those ‘I‘ve-taught-her-well moments).
    “Okay. Well I’m pretty much there. You wanna help?” I asked.
    “Hold on!” Cassidy snapped and ran out of the room just as fast as she ran in. When she came back in she had a poptart with her. She handed half of it to me and nibbled at her half. “Now I’ll help.”
    We were done and had the boxes piled with all the others about a half hour later and I was helping Cass with a Where’s Waldo? Book. I didn’t want to tell her exactly where he was. 1) Because I was having trouble finding him. 2) Because when I started to tell her she would cut me off after I said “Over by the…”
    When I went to bed that night I managed to calm myself down enough to kind of assure myself moving would be okay.


My little intro plus a story [07 Jul 2010|06:46pm]

Name? taconinja08 (I go by taco too)
Age? 13
Gender? Female
Horoscope sign? Leo
How long have you been a lj user? Uh probably about 3 months
What are your reasons for joining this community? I *love* to write. I'd like to post what I'm working on and get people's opinions who aren't people I already know (friends/family) and meet new friends who have the same in common 
Favorite books? Mortal Instruments Series, Twilight Saga, Morganville Vampires Series, Immortals Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, The Skinjacker Trilogy, House of Night Series, Harry Potter Series, Narnia Series, Vampire Diaries, and then there's more but I can't possibly go on. Plus I'm starting new series' all the time.
Favorite movies? I have some. I don't wanna get into that right now xD
Hobbies? writing (duh), listening to music, hanging out, youth group, church, rock climbing, reading, texting

Here's the first part of my current story (Feedback please?):

The Beginning~
    The beginning is always the best at first. Because you don’t know that there’ll be a happy ending. You just assume it’ll go downhill from there.

    I can’t even start to explain why I was out of it. I guess I can start and say that it’s my dreams have been bugging me. I keep waking up in the middle of the night gasping for a breath and sweating. I know they’re just dreams… but they’re really bad. What’s worse than Nightmare? Because that’s what they are.
        “I don’t even like coconut! I‘ve had it before! It‘s nasty!” My friend Lacey said. She had a lollipop stuck in her hair. I guess that she licked it, threw it --aiming for the trash-- and hit her brother who threw it back and got it in her hair. When I heard ‘coconut’ I knew for sure that the world of Dum-Dum’s had gone terribly wrong if they got the brilliant idea to make one coconut.
    “That. Is. Disgusting.” Then I pulled out the lollipop and dropped it in the trash. Lacey’s hair was a total mess now and I was going to be late home. But I didn’t want to walk all the way home… even though it wasn’t that long of a walk. Just ten or so minutes. But I was tired. Like really tired.
    I felt like I was going to die one of these nights. Because there are always the same people in my dreams. I can’t get away from them then they catch me and then… it’s not even a dream anymore. Because even when I wake up I can still feel the pain. Then I have to pretend like everything’s okay during the day in front of my parents and sister. I should be thankful that I don’t wake up screaming. I wouldn’t know what to do if that happened. I can’t explain my overly nightmare-ish nightmares to my family.
    “Hey! Ivy! Ivy Lanks!” Lacey yelled about two seconds after I ran out her front door. I stopped and turned around to see what was wrong.
    “What, Lacey?” I asked.
    “I like your socks! They’re all cool and colorful and stuff!”
    “You couldn’t mention this before the entire time I was there… why?” Lacey confused me sometimes with her utter randomness. One time we were talking about something about ninjas vs. pirates and she voted bananas. Even though bananas won the fight and people moved on, I would have loved to know what was going through
her head right then.
    “I don’t know… I just felt like it now. Would you have preferred I bring it up next week instead?”
    “No that’s okay. But I got to go now. Like badly. It’s almost dark and I don’t want someone at home asking ‘What on earth could have been so important that you had to stay later than you should have?’ I don‘t really want to explain the lollipop
incident.” I said, trying to imitate my mom’s voice. She must have decided to leave it at
that, because she just waved good-bye and closed her window.
    I was walking down a hill that got onto my street and was in my own little world. So I didn’t notice the weird teen boy watching me in the woods. A motorcycle went by me from behind and scared me so bad that I fell over into the little path of water that was next to the road. The boy came over and helped me up. Which, by the way, was kind of awkward.
    “Uh. Hey? Thanks…” I was brushing the dirt off of me and my hair. The boy stood there for a second before quickly saying, “Yeah… No problem… bye.”
    I stood there until he had been out of eyesight a few seconds. It was like my touch had made it awkward. Like he just found out something horrible, like his grandmother died. But I thought nothing of it and assumed I’d never see him again. I just ran the rest of the way home and went to bed like nothing weird had just happened.
5 have left feedback

[02 Apr 2010|10:08pm]


...the earth was no longer the same and never would be again.


Game begins as soon as we have ten approved characters.

[07 Oct 2009|12:55pm]


Welcome to Franklin County, New York

The Game


The Details

Friend Adder

Most Wanted

Personal Lines
All is peaceful here in Franklin County. Until the bombs. In this time of crisis, as sensible people become paranoid, personal agendas take over and well-kept secrets threaten to be revealed, some people will find an inner strength they never knew they had, and the most unlikely heroes will emerge. As a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, the town is thrown into a frenzy and police try to keep order in the face of the unthinkable. The fear and panic that begins to grip the town is palpable — each person dealing with it differently.

How would you react if you knew there was a nuclear strike not far from where you lived? You are cut off from the rest of the world, there is no new information coming in, and then the more immediate threat kicks in.

Were you safe at home? Were you driving, flying somewhere else? With the knowledge that you have your life and nothing else, what will you do? What side will you fight on when war inevitably breaks out?

The question is, where do you fall in this new world? Will you fight on honors side, or fight against everything you know to be right. The choice is yours. This is Franklin, a place survivors gather to try and rebuild.

Franklin County is unabashedly based on the plot of the ill-fated CBS show, Jericho. We do not claim any ownership to the premise, or any of the major plot points we hit. We're just fans. Nerdy fans who make no apologies.

GAME BEGINS NOW!. Join today!!!!!!!!!


[02 Sep 2009|04:28pm]

the_method Just because today is the first day and the principal has already given his welcome speech doesn't mean it's too late for you to get in.

[26 Mar 2009|02:29pm]


Return to Avalon

The Game


The Details

Contacts/Friend Adder

Most Wanted

Game Lines
Personal Lines
It was the middle of the night in the United States, midday halfway around the world. The earth decided we were not taking care of her in the way she thought she needed to be cared for and was going to eradicate the problem herself. No one was expecting what would happen.

Tectonic plates shifted, all seven major and all of the minor. Massive earthquakes ripped through the globe toppling buildings deemed indestructible, igniting pockets of natural gasses, erupting long dormant volcanoes, causing tidal waves and tsunami's, and spreading craters in the ocean floor so grossly that entire blocks of land were swollen and lost to the deep before anyone had time to react. When all was said and done, only three hours later, the earth was no longer the same and never would be again.

Along with the destruction, something else happened, something quiet that no one has realized. A window to the past has been opened. It has been noticed on the other side, in a place of mist, magic, and chivalry. They have seen they can leave to enter this strange world but to step through to the other side is almost too frightening to chance.

But someone has chanced it.

The question is, where do you fall in this new world? Will you fight on honors side, or fight against everything you know to be right. The choice is yours. Think hard, and never forget your destiny could change...just by opening a door.

GAME BEGINS NOW!. Join today!!!!!!!!!


ME!!! [20 Feb 2009|04:36pm]

[ mood | giddy ]


Horoscope sign?GEMINI!!!
How long have you been a lj user?a month maybe???
What are your reasons for joining this community? I love writing and i want some feedback on some of my stuff please(warning!: im kinda dark...but not at all depressed!)
Favorite books?too many
Favorite movies?WAY too many
Hobbies?writing, music, reading, music, hanging out, and music

look a poem!:

Creeping through the cracks,
Bleeding onto the floor,
Seeping through the peephole,
Slipping undernearth the door.

Invading in on sanity,
Pumping with the heart,
Running through veins,
Hiding in the dark.

Never ending suffering,
Insanity untill I die,
Whispering a lullabye,
And a sudden kiss goodnight.


[04 Feb 2009|10:00pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Name? Sonya
Age? 14

Gender? female
Horoscope sign? virgo
How long have you been a lj user? just over a month
What are your reasons for joining this community? i would like feed back on some poems i wrote =/ like i have goten feed back from the ones i love but i want critsim so i can improve them
Favorite books? to many
Favorite movies? blood and chocolate
Hobbies? writing, kickboxing, reading, and basically any randome thought that pops in my head


[31 Jan 2009|08:48am]

Mutants are gladiators.

After the death of Charles Xavier, Revolve became the home for all mutants, whether they like it or not. Stripped of their rights, fitted with collars and powers suppressed until their matches, life on Revolve is difficult and rigid. Their days are spent training for fights, working at the island's amusement park or dreaming of some day earning the outrageous sum of money with which to buy their freedom.

What would you do? Would you play the game? Fight the system? Start a revolution? Plot your escape?

The future of mutantkind rests in your hands.

Welcome toRevolve
Join the fight at athinblackline

I'm new to lj [05 Nov 2008|02:58pm]

[ mood | content ]

Name? Sian
Age? Just turned 18
Gender? Female
Horoscope sign? Scorpio
How long have you been a lj user? Only like a month ;D
What are your reasons for joining this community? Well, i like to read, and write obviously, and i joined because i'd like to find writers, and have people read my own stuff ^___^
Favorite books? Twilight series, The Mortal instruments, Candy
Favorite movies? I don't watch Movies all that much ^__^ i don't really have any favourites!
Hobbies? Reading, Writing, watching anime, stuff which alot of people do :P I'm pretty boring :/


Virginity by -AA- [09 Oct 2008|03:39pm]

Author: Arsenic--Allure
Type: Drabble.
Words: 150.



There is a crack behind, a sound above, the innate cry, the mechanical laugh. Seeking, snatching hands and fiery touches fall against a milk-white, arching back. His eyes are an empty, bottomless gaze the colour of burning oil that singes her flesh wherever they fall. His wicked, impulsive grin shreds the air while he pulls her platinum strands. The fire burns, the infinite eyes drown.

Her corpse is curled as an unborn child. The blue forget-me-nots and red corn poppies embrace its lamenting soul. Time is on a linear loop that never stops and never leaves and waits just for moist eyes to close. He laughs a rasping memory in her ear.

‘You will never forget the way you screamed.’ His rusting voice is villainous black. ‘Remember me forever.’

She howls with the whipping wind and seizes the wildflowers in tight, bloodless fists.

His face, his smell: a linear loop.


Thank you for reading.


The Butterfly Effect - Drabble [04 Oct 2008|07:07pm]

[ mood | Working. ]

Even though this community breathed its last breath long ago, I will take a chance.

Author: Arsenic--Allure. Type: Drabble. Words: 100. Review?

P.S. Hello and welcome to the new members. Thank you for breathing.


The Butterfly Effect

Violet plumes of smoke from the cigarette choke the air with a toxic embrace. He is lying on a tattered couch, staring at the smoky façade above and dying with each inhale.

His story can be told in six words: birth, half a life and death. Thus,

…he waits…

…he watches…

…he wants...

… and searches blindly with bleeding fingertips against unyielding fortification, questioning which butterfly cursed him and yearning for another to save him.

He smokes again, deadly drag of his half life against lost lips.


If I were to beat my wings, could I change a world?


Thank you for reading.



I'm new [02 Oct 2008|09:20pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

<b>Name?</b> Kitkat
<b>Age?</b> 16
<b>Gender?</b> F
<b>Horoscope sign?</b> Cancer
<b>How long have you been a lj user?</b> Only like 2 months
<b>What are your reasons for joining this community?</b> I love writing and it looks like a good place to start out on lj
<b>Favorite books?</b> Animal Farm, Catcher in the Rye, Blue Bloods, The Laramie Project, A Seprate Peace, Anything by Shakespeare, Death note, Fight Club
<b>Favorite movies?</b> THE BLACK PARADE IS DEAD!, LIFE ON THE MURDER SCENE, Pirates 1-3, Little Miss sunshine, Help!, Hard days night, Let it Be, Beatles first trip to the U.S.A, Trasformers, All the Indiana Jones movies, Starwars 1-6, 21, Howls Moving Castle , Mr.Music, Anna and the King, National Treasure, Martian Child, Jaws, Music and Lyrics, 50 first dates, Blades of Glory, Get Smart, The Breakfest Club, Stepbrothers, Pineapple Express, The Dark Knight, Princess Bride, Rent, Southpark Movie, Freedom Writers, Bill and Teds Awesome Adventure
<b>Hobbies?</b> Besides writing, Music is pretty much my life, I play guitar, sing and can play some piano. I'm in three bands at the moment. Bella Vendeta (name subject to change), Page one/Morgan Freeman Car Wash/Cubic Doom/Jesusoras and the buttercups (don't ask about the last one) and one that unamed (But the other person in the band would perfere the name "Hachi and Nana" =P). I snowboard all I can and I love love love MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE with my life. K, Thanks bye.


Why hello! [15 Feb 2008|10:18am]

[ mood | busy ]

Name? Erin/'Kota
Age?Just turned 20.
Gender? Female
Horoscope sign? Capricorn
How long have you been a lj user? On various accounts since 2004 but I've only just come back since December.
What are your reasons for joining this community? I'm trying to motivate myself to write more after a leave of absence from my creative writing studies. I'm hoping that reading other's work and getting feedback on my own will inspire me and improve my skills.
Favorite books? Eucalyptus by Murray Bail, Of a Boy (pulished in the US as "What the Birds See") by Sonya Hartnett, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon and basically anything by Cormac McCarthy.
Favorite movies? I love American Beauty. Sin Nombre is a Spanish film and one of the best films I have ever seen It's tense and beautiful and terrifying,  (it's English title is The Nameless). I'm also a big fan of Asian horror Ringu, The Tale of Two Sisters and several others have really impressed me. For anyone who is tired of predictable Hollywood framing look into foreign language films like Sin Nombre and the horror films from various Asian nations (especially but not exclusively Japan). Shallow Grave is a great film. As is Drop Dead Gorgeous and Secretary and Phone Booth And I admit it I love Mean Girls and can recite the scenes by heart.
Hobbies? Apart from writing and reading, I spend a lot of time in Second Life and I work in world mostly making textures. I taught myself PhotoShop and I love it. While I work I like to talk to people on skype and organize my extensive music collection (I tag with MusicBrainz). My last.fm is here. I'm also very interested in fashion and aesthetics so I spend a lot of time reading fashion blogs and magazines and dissecting runway shows. I rarely watch TV but I do watch TV Shows online sometimes.
A Slight Tilt (Flash Fiction)


[02 Feb 2008|04:35pm]

[ mood | creative ]

 Name? Krystal
Age? 17

Gender? Female lol
Horoscope sign? GEMINI!
How long have you been a lj user? For about a couple of months
What are your reasons for joining this community? Too express my creative writing and to view others writing
Favorite books? 2 many to count. I read to much but if one, How I Live now by Meg Rosoff
Favorite movies? All of Hayao Miyazakis movies
Hobbies? Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI! Ive been here for a while but never posted. Well, here I am and here is my first entry to u guys
PLease enjoy and comment


Clocks, Locks and Keys
They all hold a meaning for me
It's who I am, how I be, Who says

I have to change me?

The hands of time have rotated for more than 17 years
The keys of my secrets have held them locked against me lips
Those locks, some say, are breakable

But I know, I know

You read this passage, your eyes moving
left to right, trying to understand who I am
But who knows if I tell the truth I maybe....could be lying to you
I am lying to you

I am not adventurous and young
No, no I am not. Nor am I the one that cacthes your eye
I dont love him nor do I love her
I love no one, I have no one


I have friends, I have family
I am judged, crowded and lost
Love does exist in a life like mine but hope is for fools

I am not a fool

Faith, trust and pixie dust? Fools. complete fools
Life is not based on hope,
Wishing is never granted
Dreams are exactly what they are; Imagination

Your questioning the aspect of my eye?
What do you think then? Harsh, Cruel?


The truth is a role, a key, a clock
Those hands wait for no one,
and those secrets,
those lies, could be unlocked

Its up to you

So why my looks?

I've had the harshness of life but that doesnt meand life is done with me.

Who Am I?

I dont know

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[14 Jan 2008|04:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

<b>Name?</b> Kelly =]
<b>Age?</b> 13
<b>Gender?</b> last time i checked, i sat down when i went potty. (female, if you didn't catch the sarcasm.)
<b>Horoscope sign?</b> Virgoo.
<b>How long have you been a lj user?</b> Not too long.
<b>What are your reasons for joining this community?</b> Writing is fun. That's basically it.
<b>Favorite books?</b> Skinny- Idontrememberthefirstname Kasik, Miracle on 49th Street- Mike Lupica.
<b>Favorite movies?</b> Jackass, Saving Silverman, Balls of Fury, Finding Nemo =]
<b>Hobbies?</b>  Writing (obviously), drawing, volleyball.
Stuff like that.


Me [13 Jan 2008|11:54am]

[ mood | content ]

Name? Midnight

Age? 16
Gender? Female

Horoscope sign? Aquarius

How long have you been a lj user? For a week or two.

What are your reasons for joining this community? I want to write that's all.

Favorite books? Thumbelina, Jane Eyre, Weltering Heights, Interview with the Vampire, Jane Pittman, Hunger Like No Other, White Magic, and Love Eternal.

Favorite movies? Not a movie person 

Hobbies? Writing, Reading, Painting, Sculpting, and Poetry.

1 have left feedback

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS [04 Dec 2007|01:31am]


We at NANO Fiction, a literary journal of microfiction, are currently preparing our third edition to be released Spring 2008.  We had great success with our first two issues and we are making efforts to expand our readership and contributors; however, the magazine was designed specifically with young and unpublished writers in mind.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to be published and submit to NANO Fiction.  As always, submissions are rolling, but if you would like to be included in the next issue, it is paramount that you submit within the next few weeks.  What else are you doing with your winter break anyway?


To sample the work we publish, check out the archives at nanofiction.org

You may submit to NANOFictionMag@gmail.com  Submissions must be 300 words or less. Anything over 300 words will not be read. Please include your full name, titled work, a short third-person biography, and contact information (email, web site, phone number). Unless it interrupts the form of your work, we appreciate single spaced Word Documents. If your piece is selected, we will notify you prior to its release via email.

Note: Don't be afraid to think outside the standard margins. Be creative. Use form to enhance your piece. NANO Fiction can be an extremely innovative form of storytelling, use it to your advantage.


[17 Nov 2007|10:09pm]

Name? Apoorva
Age? 16
Gender? female
Horoscope sign? Gemini
How long have you been a lj user? An awfully long time!
What are your reasons for joining this community? I would love some interaction with other people also interested in writing/art. :].
Favorite books? Alice in Wonderland, House of Leaves, Hamlet, Fences, Lord of the Rings, Of Mice and Men
Favorite movies? I don't really watch movies.
Hobbies? martial arts, piano, painting (mostly with watercolors), computers, poetry.

I usually only post results of my creativity in this journal, so please do check it out and give feedback if possible. I'll make sure to give feedback on things posted here as well!

...and that was yet another one of my terrible introductions. XD.
Well, it's nice to meet you all!
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