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you are IT babe!

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this is a brand new community. think you are even half as sexy as drop dead fred? think you could give marilyn monroe a run for her money as a superstar? do you think that you are one HAPPENIN peice of heavenly flesh? then apply! while looks are a small part of the rating, it is mainly based on personality. the members of this community are encouraged to be honest in their ratings, but also fair. this isn't a community where the members are in a constant rivalry to be more harsh and cruel and "hxc" than the next. if you are looking to downsize people because you think you are better than everyone else, this isn't the community for you.

i am at the moment working on the layout (anyone who would like to help with theis, im me at : crunchyxclavicle). applicants will be rated by the other members with either a yes or no. majority vote rules. if noone is voting (AND THIS BETTER NOT HAPPEN!), i will either accept or reject you myself. please don't pass up this community just because it is new. with your help, it can grow. k? ;D








1. post application as soon as possible after joining. no point in joining otherwise.

2. when posting more than one picture, please use an lj-cut. the members of this site don't need their friends pages cluttered with pictures. if you aren't sure how to lj-cut, go here ---> lj-cut tutorial.

3. short answers in applications are B-O-R-I-N-G! we want an in-depth look into who you are. we can't do that if you constantly give one word answers.
also, be creative with coloring or whatever on your application if you would like too. makes it more fun ;)

4. post at least 3 pictures. no more than 10. BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! clear pictures please.

5. you can not post in the community or in any other post except for your own until you are stamped. you may also not rate any other members until you are stamped.

6. you may argue about a rating or response somebody gave you. while you have the privelege to do so, it may make you look like a whiny heinous bitch ;) and i will excercise my right to delete anything i feel like deleting. i'm not unfair though, so unless it really bugs me, it will stay.

7. respect the mods! and me!

8. no racism, sexism, or derogatory comments will be tolerated.

9. i have the right to ban any person i see as being a parasite to this community.

10. please post your application behind an lj-cut as well. i don't mind a teaser, but the application is long and, like with the pictures, i dont think people want the apps cluttering their pages. thanks.

once a member:

1. keep it civil. a simple yes or no with a reason why is fine. you don't need to try to prove how "hxc" you are by being a complete heinous bitch. this isn't a contest of who can cut down people the most. be fair. but be honest. if you don't like an application or whatever, say so. don't give a person a yes just because everyone else is. be honest. <3

2. be active. anyone who is in this community just for the reason of having another stamp in their user info and doesn't plan to rate, will be thrown out.

3. you may post new pictures of yourself or anything you find interesting. have a funny picture? post it. if it offends someone, i may ask you to take it down. please do so if asked.

(don't be scared to be creative) ;) and i know it's long, but it helps us get to know YOU. behind an lj-cut please!


name (as an acronym describing you with the letters of your name) ;

nickname ;

gender ;

age ;

location ;

zodiac sign ;

job? ;

website (either your website or something relating to you {ftj,thedilly,myspace,etc.}) ;

the color of your heart (for fun) ;


do you scratch yourself in public? ;

have you ever done the macarena, and did you enjoy it? ;

name the 4 states in the united states the begin with "new" (and please, no cheating. if you don't know, just say so, it isn't a big deal) ;

how many stripes are on the flag? ;

if it takes 8 men 4 days to dig a hole, how long does it take 4 men to dig half a hole?

describe yourself in 10 words ;

what product has the brand name KY? ;

if you could have any superpower, what would it be? ;

if you could spend the day with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be? ;

if you could live through an time period (20's,60's,80's etc.), which would you choose? ;


favorite music (you don't have to do this one if you don't want to. i've noticed people base WAY too much off of the music people listen to) ;

favorite book(s) ;

favorite movie(s) ;

favorite quote or saying ;

favorite character in toy story ;

describe your favorite outfit ;

favorite thing to do in the whole entire world ;

favorite place ;


pocky vs chocolate chip cookies ;

glue vs tape ;

pencil vs pen ;

glasses or contacts ;

hot weather vs cold weather ;

vhs vs dvd ;

sprite remixed vs code red mountain dew ;

half empty vs half full ;

cake vs ice cream ;

heated poptarts vs un-heated poptarts ;

ramen vs salad ;

pro valentines day vs anti valentines day ;

candy vs flowers vs stuffed animal ;


abortion ;

love at first sight ;

internet dating ;

war with iraq ;

hilary duff's singing career ;

rating communities ;

religion ;

gay marriages ;

uniforms ;

the law banning a minor from having a relationship with someone over the age of 18 ;

(post 3 - 10 pictures behind an lj-cut)