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Yexsaet will be at leeds with their manager this year!
Although we're there to see the other bands and not to perform. I'm fairly certain that people will witness the amzing Yexsaet in action!
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Band News

For the past 6 Months, YeXSaEt has been largely inactive for a number of reasons. In August last year, all memebers of the band recieved their GCSE grades, and due to their shining grades, progressed onto a greater area of study, which has indeed been a struggle for them all, especially as they must now preform a long distance relasionship with their Manager, but all things considered; are doing a sterling job.

Also, the band have been working hard on improving their skills, and finding new songs for their album!

Being behind in the times, we must also remember Birthdays:
Alex, Drummer, turned 16 this August!
Emma, Guitar, turned 17 this December!

So belated Birthday wishes to them both!

We hope to see more of you, as you more of the band in the coming year, as they are now settled in new enviroments and new work! (They have jobs which I have to work their schedules around now - *sigh*)

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Several things.

Well, just two really.

Firstly, call me daft but this only occurred to me yesto:

Em's yexsaet's guitarist. And she pretty much likes hot guitarists mostest.

Al's our drummer. And she pretty much likes hot drummers out of everything else.

I'm the singer. And guess what? I'm a fan of hot singers with gorgeous voices.

Coincedence, or something more sinister . . . ?

Also, yexsaet HAVE to do a cover of Queen - Don't Stop Me Now. It rocks.

x x x

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Heyloo, yexsaet and their manager and the girlies as a whole are now back from wales. We had an awesome time as im sure you'd like to know. We are planning to film a video some time this summer. So be prepared!


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So, a little background on where the name yexsaet came from. During an RE lesson the name began to form and here is the paper to show how it went... Collapse ) That was the letter elimination! Collapse ) Once the lettrs were picked the fun began and yexsaet was born. Hurrah! Stay cool people, gigs to come soon. xx

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I'd like to say that Yexsaet are all missing our band manager oh so very much.

We also hope she's not killed any *4* year olds whilst away.

No real reason for this post, just that obviously the band have been very busy with band stuff and exams recently, so haven't had time to update.

In other news we should be recording a video for our latest single sometime over the summer, so watch this space.

x x x

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Hello Yexsaet fans!

Becuase the pics that were up so far were absolutely HORRENDOUS! i had a search through my photies and found some slightly better ones.

So away we go . . .

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x x x
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Band news

Hello Again, Manager here once again, with some updates on the band:

The band are currently working very hard on their Exams, and have been very busy lately, but, as any band, have still had time to go out and about on the town, and just chilling out with friends:

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As a side note, you may be suprised to learn that none of the Ban have taken any official music (or singing) lessons, well, I tell a lie, Alex, on drums, has taken lessons in other instuments, but never in the drums. This fact has led to the band being labled with; Natural raw talent.

Also, discussions have begun amoung the band of releasing a new album, which could include a cover of one of their favorite songs.

Finally; The band are also getting ready to do their next few gigs, at, currently, undisclosed venues. Watch this space!

Love and Air Kisses
Jenny P
Band manager